Descriptive Essay About My House

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Your house is something that you don’t think about a lot, until you have to leave it. A house filled with memories that you will never forget. Everything happened there since you moved in, young or old.I’ve lived in my old house since I was 18 months old, but had to move out around the age of 15. I loved that house from the scenery of the front yard to the enormous backyard. All the rooms on the inside had memories that I will never forget. I still remember which room was my favorite room to be in and had the best memories about. I’ve had up and downs in this house, but it will forever be my favorite house to live in. Even though the house was half blue and half yellow, the front yard of the house was beautiful. My mom planted gorgeous flowers …show more content…
It was a three story house, with a used bedroom on each floor. I lived on the middle floor, while my brother lived in the basement and my mom lived upstairs. The basement was huge with two different sides to it. One side was the laundry room/ storage room with a side room filled with my mom’s items used to make soap, candles, and lotions. It smelled amazing down there filled with different sense of candles. The other side of the basement was my brother’s room, that use to be the playroom when we first moved in and soon later my sister’s room. It was such a huge room, filled with all of our movies and held my brother’s bed, desk, and couch. My mom’s tanning bed use to live in the basement too, before it was moved into the sun room. The floor I lived on contained two bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen, dining room, two small hallways, a small linnet closet, and a backroom to keep our dogs in. My room was the biggest bedroom on the floor and i’m glad that my brother moved into the basement so I could move into it. Upstairs had the master bath and bedroom, a sunroom, and another bedroom that was attached to the master bedroom. The bathroom use to be a closet and a small bathroom, but the old owners destroyed the wall, separating the two rooms and created one big bathroom. The small bedroom that was connecting to the master bedroom was my very first bedroom in the house. I lived in that room until I was seven and …show more content…
I remember having nights that my family and I would be in the living room watching T.V. and talking to each other to sleepless nights because of yelling that was happening upstairs or even the parties that my sister held in the basement. I will never forget being on her floor while she was having a party and I just sat there and colored till my heart’s consent. I dealt with sadness of my dog and cat dying and my dad moving out of the house for good. My mom use to babysit her closest friend’s children for them, while they were at work. From Riley, to Austin, and even it felt like she babysat Spencer because he was always over. Growing up, we had five people living in the house to only two people in the house. It was a struggle when my sister got kicked out and my dad moving out. I was sad for awhile, but it started to feel normal and then my brother finally moved out. When it was just my mom and I, we were kinda freaked out living in such a big house by ourselves with all the different activities that has happen throughout the years. One day my mom and dad were just watching a movie in the living room and all of a sudden my sister’s school picture was thrown across the room. Another was when I was younger, around the age of two, my sister and brother kept telling my mom that they see a little girl around the house, but my mom never really believed them until one day we were all eating and I suddenly

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