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  • Personal Narrative: A Career As A Guitar Hero

    There are millions of people worldwide who either play the guitar, or would like to play the guitar. There are equally as many people claiming to have the "miracle" training course that will have you "playing like the pros" in a week (or some other ridiculous time frame). That's impossible and here's why... What if I told you I had an 18 part video series that will teach you how to do brain surgery in 7 days or less. Would you buy it? Would you trust yourself to perform the surgery on another human being? Now granted, that is an extreme example, but the point is there are too many factors involved in playing the guitar to learn in a week. So who am I to tell you anything? Well, I am a retired homicide detective sergeant who has spent his entire life (since age 5) playing the guitar, both professionally and for fun. I write and record music, and I am well versed in every aspect of what it takes to play the guitar. So let's talk about what it does take. Just like the surgeon, there are two main elements a guitar player must master to be proficient as a guitarist. The first is the academics. That's right, the nomenclature, the music (theory) and very simply put, all the knowledge you need to acquire. The second element is the physical aspect. Do you know why you can't pick up a guitar today and play a standard piece by Andres Segovia? Because you lack both elements. You don't know how, and even if you did, you would still lack the physical ability to do so (the muscle memory,…

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  • The Benefits Of An Electric Guitar

    So you 've decided you want to be a rockstar, eh? You 've decided that you 're going to join the likes of Hendrix, Clapton, Page, Stevie Ray and Slash as a rock n ' roll and guitar icon. Well, before you get too famous and lose yourself in either your music or drugs and alcohol, you have to get a guitar to begin with. It can be daunting to go into a guitar store and see millions of guitars, some for $200 and some for $2000. So which ones should you go for and what should you be looking at? Well…

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  • Amoun Trumpet Research Paper

    There are two popular styles of trumpets which produce music in different ranges. A trumpet in Bb is most commonly used for pop music and in school bands, while professional musicians have trumpets in the C range, as it is most appropriate for concert pitch. Trumpets are therefore categorized by their pitch, which corresponds to their fundamental frequency (History of the Trumpet). Musicians commonly play with the chromatic scale when using the trumpet, which includes twelve tones and semitones…

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  • Nicolo Paganini Research Paper

    Nicolo Paganini was born in Genoa Italy on october 27, 1782. He died in 1840. His parents names were Teresa and Antonio Paganini. Nicolo started learning music when he was only five years old. When he was seven his father taught him how to play the violin. He attended violin classes with famous violinists. He composed his first sonata in 1790. In 1795 he went to parma but was told that they could not teach him anything. He often played 15 hours a day. in 1797 he started his concert tours. From…

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  • Butterfly Lovers Violin Concert Analysis

    are often used to structure the melody of tonality of a piece. Usually, the mode used in Chinese music is described as a pentatonic scale structure. The pentatonic scale lends to making simple harmonies but also maintain norms of simplicity and clarity while harmony isn’t emphasized. In contrast, Western-style music uses the heptatonic scale that lends to producing complex harmonies among various instruments in tension. The Chinese consider music based on these notes in pentatonic scales to…

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  • Beethoven Symphony 1 Analysis

    bar nine but with G#s in the bass, which leads to an A minor chord on beat one of bar ten, instead of C major. This is followed by a chord of F major in bar ten on beat three and a chord of C major in bar eleven on beat one (Teacher Resource Bank, 2013) . The key of C major is not firmly established until bar thirteen with the 1st subject. Exposition (m.13-109) “The exposition presents the movement 's primary thematic material. The first or first group is in the tonic and may consist of…

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  • Chopin Piano Concerto Analysis

    full of youthful vitality. No. The two themes of a movement are emotionally different. The first theme is a minor one, with some bleak, melancholic romantic atmosphere. The second theme is a major one, with a slight clarity and calmness. Their commonalities are all rich and distinctive national colors that reflect the gentleness and sincerity of the Slavic nation. In summary, Chopin poured his best life emotion and life experience into the first Piano Concerto in the e minor. It is full of the…

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  • Heptatonic Scales

    the possible seven-note arrangements derived from the chromatic scale. In 1929 J. Murray Barbour published an article where he questioned the method used by Busoni, but above all, the results he obtained. Barbour points out that Busoni used a tuning system different from the standard tempered one, because Busoni’s octave has twenty-one different tones instead of the twelve notes of the chromatic scale. Also, Busoni did not recognized enharmonic tones as being equal, therefore a scale containing…

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  • Dorindi Madrigal Analysis

    The first noticeable instance (example 3.1) starts off with a beautifully executed approach to two simultaneous suspensions; however, instead of following prima practice rules and resolving down immediately after, Monteverdi holds on to the suspension for two more beats. This highly emphasizes the non-sonorous intervals. This can be adjusted however, by merely moving down to the anticipated resolution and then merely moving to sonorous intervals subsequently (example 3.2). The next two…

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  • Kanye West Essay

    Roc-A-Fella Records A&R chief Kyambo “Hip Hop” Joshua, who played Kanye in one of the studio sessions with Jay-Z (Brown, 2006, p.22). This resulted in Kanye’s four productions on Jay-Z’s album called The Blueprint, which is widely regarded as one of the greatest rap albums of all time (Channel 4, 2017). Kanye used a popular sampling technique of speeding up samples at that time which I can describe as a “chipmunk soul” style. He adapted it from Wu-Tang Clan’s producer known as RZA and it…

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