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  • Cognitive Functional Test Essay

    categories, attentive and recollection tests, both of which will be examined in this experiment. [ref 1] The memory test is the Morris Water Maze and the attentive test is the Pre-Pulse Inhibition test. Both tests in this experiment are exercise different parts of the brain, the Water Maze exercises the hippocampus, and the Pre-Pulse Inhibition exercises the brainstem. The Water Maze experiment is an exercise regarding the hippocampus of the brain, the main centre for creating and storing…

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  • ICU Nurse Observation Report

    unit, when I noticed that one of the vented patient’s pulse oximeter (ox) pleth was showing many artifacts and the saturation was 88. The other ICU nurse who was assigned to this patient was attending to a different patient, so I decided to check on the patient. I suctioned the patient, applied a new finger pulse ox, and noticed that patient pulse ox saturation started to drop. While I was assessing the patient, I noticed that the patient’s pulse oximeter (ox) saturation drop to 84, I called for…

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  • Photon Detection Efficiency (PDE) Of A Sipm?

    What is the photon detection efficiency (PDE) of a SiPM? Photon detection efficiency (PDE) refers to the probability that a photon arriving on the SiPM surface is detected, an initiates the process of current pulse generation. PDE is a function of the overvoltage ΔV across the terminals of the APD and wavelength λ of the incident photon. Photon detection efficiency is one of the most important characteristics of a SiPM. PDE is the product of three factors :- Geometrical fill factor (FF), Quantum…

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  • Cruciate Ligament Case

    Case Study #3 With the given information about the blow to the tibial tuberosity causing displacement of the tibia posteriorly relative to the femur, the structure most likely injured is the posterior cruciate ligament because it is located on the posterior side of the patella and posterior displacement of the tibia on fixed femur is restricted by the posterior cruciate ligament. The posterior cruciate ligament is the strongest ligament in the knee joint and helps with stability. Once the…

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  • Similarities Between IPL And Lasers

    to use on a wide array of different skin tones. These colors are modified by crystal filters that function as trimmers and allow the selection of precise wavelengths for each target that has to be treated. Thus, the system is very adaptable; each pulse of light can be enhanced and tailored for each specific issue such as broken capillaries, marks, pigmentation or excess hairs and so on. It is a non-disruptive treatment…

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  • Cardiovascular Fitness Experiment

    The pulse of both test subjects was taken before the step test was conducted. Each test subject was asked to step up and down one step on a staircase by raising one foot at a time onto the step. The speed of the steps was controlled by using a digital metronome set to 120 bpm beats. The test subjects completed the step test for 3 minutes using a stopwatch and the pulse of both test subjects was recorded one minute after the step test was…

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  • How My Sophomore Year That Changed My Life

    the year I joined Pulse, Seattle Prep's dance team. Before Pulse, I have never danced for recreation, and I knew this would be a challenge. I could not even present a speech in front of a small class, I had no idea how I would be able to dance in front of the whole school. I attended the intensive camp during summer, and was without a doubt the worst dancer on the team. I struggled with remembering the counts, my moves looked weak, and I looked confused every time I performed. Pulse was so much…

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  • Essay On The Effect Of Exercise On Cognitive Fitness

    balanced diet on cognitive function after a period of two months and compare the results obtained for a person who did not regularly exercise and eat healthy meals. Physical activity commenced for 45 minutes, four days a week over a period of two months. Pulse rate and glucose levels were taken to record blood sugar levels before and after exercise activities. Balanced meals were consumed three times per day. The diet was based upon the WHO nutritional guidelines for a healthy diet. The budget…

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  • Frog Muscle Lab Report

    Beginning at a stimulus voltage of 0.05 V, the voltage was increased by increments of 0.05 V for each new record. The muscle was stimulated by one pulse in a 625 ms period after an initial 50 ms delay, each record. The minimum stimulus voltage that resulted in a measurable muscle contraction was the threshold voltage. Records were collected until three successive stimuli of increasing voltage did not…

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  • An Analysis Of Echo, By Christina Rossetti

    a stream; / Come back in tears,” “Where thirsting longing eyes / Watch the slow door,” and “Pulse for pulse, breath for breath: / Speak low, lean low” (4-5, 10-11, 16-17). These lines provide a change in rhythm that enacts the situation of longing by pausing over a description, like “as sunlight on a stream” and “thirsting longing eyes,” or intimate longing, like “come back in tears” and “pulse for pulse, breath for…

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