EMDR Therapy: Emotional And Psychological Trauma

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EMDR Therapy is one of many forms of therapy used to treat symptoms suffered by trauma patients. It has provided conclusive evidence of its effectiveness in lessening trauma patient’s mental ability to regain a healthy mental state after their experience(s).
“EMDR Therapy incorporates elements of cognitive-behavioral therapy with eye movements or other forms of rhythmic, left-right stimulation. These back-and-forth eye movements are thought to work by “unfreezing” traumatic memories, allowing you to resolve them”. (Robinson, Lawrence, Melinda Smith, and Jeanne Segal. "Emotional and Psychological Trauma.” : Symptoms, Treatment, and Recovery. Feb. 2016. Web. 20 Feb. 2016.)

Trauma victims often undergo emotional and psychological symptoms
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These include insomnia, nightmares, being easily startled, fatigue, edginess, and muscle tension. These are only some of many physical symptoms reported by victims of trauma. The affects of these symptoms interfere in similar ways as previously stated. These symptoms disrupt relationships, of all types, and are very difficult for loved ones to understand. The feeling of not wanting to face the day is common and can eventually effect a victim physically. Numerous trauma victims find that they have other similar diagnoses. Some of these include depression, anxiety, cardiovascular issues, diabetic issues and even auto immune issues. The distresses of the trauma can literally destroy a victim from the inside out, if not addressed. EMDR aids in eliminating these symptoms and is providing statistics and analytical proof of its effectiveness. Victims who have been treated with EMDR Therapy report the other symptoms, they experience, diminish as the therapy continues.

There are trauma survivors who credit their recovery to EMDR Therapy despite the hesitation of its effectiveness in the mental health industry. The following testimonials are from actual trauma survivors who have used EMDR Therapy to aid in their recovery. Victim 1 said,
“I have had EMDR work for me in a psychology session. It 's a great way to work out trauma when you really don 't want to talk about it. My psychologist asked me to recall the
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As its popularity grows and the practice is greater accepted, the statistics continue to prove its effectiveness. In a study report presented in August 2015, studies show that EMDR Therapy used in treating Military Veterans diagnosed with PTSD, 88% of those treated no longer showed symptoms of PTSD. (Butler, C. M. (2014, September). Comparing the efficacy of EMDR to treatment as usual for veterans with military-related PTSD. Poster presented at the 25th Annual EMDR International Conference, Denver, CO.)

EMDR Therapy is being used more and more in treating trauma symptoms. As its success grows, its consideration by mental health experts is increasing. EMDR is on the verge of becoming the newest recognized form of trauma therapy among the mental health world and is decreasing the use of harmful medications. Many victims are enjoying a new life after traumatic experiences and crediting their recovery to EMDR

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