Psychological trauma

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  • Model Of Crisis Intervention

    in children, since in most cases children are unable to recognize the trauma within themselves and often time mistake reliving the trauma for a nightmare. Psychological First Aid (PFA),…

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  • Chapter 12 Trauma And Counselor-Related Disorders

    Chapter 12 titled “Trauma–and Stressor–Related Disorders” discussed in detail the defining features of trauma and stress along with the diagnostic criteria for the disorders. Chapter 12 further reviews the history and family context of the disorders with their prevalence and development. The chapter concludes by providing the reader with various prevention and treatment option to best support the child in need. Trauma refers to intense and overwhelming experiences that involve serious loss,…

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  • Early Childhood Trauma Case Study

    Influences of trauma can affect the child’s development by imposing on neural cognitive function, attachment, emotional, spiritual development and the list can go on. The first thing that must be understood is what is trauma and what does it look like to a child? Trauma is an event that occurs abruptly and harmful. According to American Psychological Association (2015), “Trauma is an emotional response to a terrible event like an accident, rape or natural disaster.” Looking at a trauma for a…

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  • Mental Stressors In The Military Essay

    Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression, and the need for highly resilient army officers who would undertake the unforeseen future warfare. During the world wars, many psychological problems evolved among the soldiers. For example, there were high cases of divorce among the soldiers more than ever before. The increase in the number of psychological problems in the US army influenced the chief of staff to write to the American Psychology Association (APA) about the need to intervene into the matter.…

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  • Analysis Of Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close Psychology

    The movie Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is a movie that contains many things that relate to psychological disorders, including: Autism Spectrum Disorder, Mental Trauma, and phobias. I will be discussing the plot of the movie, and then I will explain how the psychological disorders relate to the characters of the movie. The story’s main character is a nine year old boy named Oskar Schell, who is very close to his father. When his father is killed in the 9-11 terrorist attacks on the…

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  • Interpersonal Trauma Case Study

    Trauma can be described as experiences or situations that cause physical, emotional or mental pain, that one cannot control. For children and adolescents, the most common trauma is interpersonal trauma which affects their biological, cognitive, psychological and social developments. (D’Andrea, Ford, Stolbach, Spinazzola, & Van der Kolk, 2012). When someone experiences trauma they experience negative results throughout their body, there is an increased level of cortisol and catecholamine that…

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  • The Importance Of Traumatic Experiences

    The word “trauma” can associate various meanings and emotions in a person. Many factors are at play during traumatic experiences and have a say in the reaction of the individual emotionally, physically, spiritually, and developmentally overall. Early on, a child undergoes a wealth of neural connections that are either reinforced by repetitious experiences, making the connections strong and quick, or those connections fall to waste, as the interaction is never repeated. This shows the importance…

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  • Epacuee Case Study

    It is important to note that the definition of evacuee is “a person evacuated from a place of danger to somewhere safe. There is no stipulation as to whether you must be evacuated prior to or after the disaster in order to be considered an evacuee. There is a large portion of evacuees who lacked resources to leave New Orleans prior to the storm. Due to this, several people were not evacuated until days after the storm hit. This initiates not only displacement stressors, but also immediate…

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  • First Responder And Emergency Responses

    positive input. This suggests that the relationship between the size of the hippocampus is directly related to trauma. This makes the connection to post-traumatic stress disorder independent and the focus directly on trauma exposure. (Levi-Gigi, May 2014). Participants in this study were divided into two groups. Group one included 32 active duty firefighters who were repeatedly exposed to trauma as part of their daily work routine. Group two was the control group, which consisted of 31…

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  • Judith Lewis 'Trauma And Recovery'

    Judith Lewis quote from the book,Trauma and Recovery, explores the social behaviour of individuals subjected to an atrocity. He suggests that some information is deemed socially unacceptable to share due to its content. Lewis goes on to suggest that the sharing of memories is required in order to help victims overcome their traumatic experiences and to restore the social order. He believes that the root cause of psychological trauma is related to the individual 's conflict to share information…

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