Illegal Immigration Persuasive Speech

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Dear Senator Kirk
My name is Luisa Aragon I live in Hanover Park. I go to Glenbard North. I am currently enrolled in U.S government & Politics. I am writing today to urge you to support the immigration reform legislation that provides hard-working immigrants with a pathway to citizenship, protects families and the most vulnerable people in the country.

The current system that is being used is not only broken, but it is un justice. People come from all around the world. Immigrants come to America is for better job opportunities, to make more money, to support their family. America has always been known to be land of opportunity and immigrants come to America to get better jobs or pursue their dreams. Some of these people might be coming to America specifically because their home country might be experiencing economic struggles or changes that make it dangerous to live in. Deportation force families to choose between being separated for a long time or illegally entering the country. Some of the best doctors, nurses, software developers are immigrants. Deportation of illegal immigrants prevents them from contributing to America’s society. Thousands of families are split each year due to parents being deported and separated from their U.S born children.
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Also affecting those who would benefit from the DREAM act. A system that works to maintain families together, and protects the most vulnerable, especially refugees. Amnesty should also Respect the rights of U.S. and immigrant workers and ensure the human rights of immigrant families are protected. Amnesty would be targeted for the good people of the world which is why there should also be background checks, health checks etc. Amnesty would help ensure human rights, stop families being split up. Not only help the U.S economically but skillfully

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