Communication And Interviews: My Interview With Abbie

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1. I interviewed my friend Abbie on 11/17/16 in person. I was very comfortable interviewing her because she is a very laid back and honest person. I interviewed my mom, Kelly Meader, on 11/25/16 in person. I was very comfortable interviewing my mom because we have a close relationship and I’m able to talk to her about various subjects.
Interviewee who is in Adolescence or Emerging/Young Adulthood
Demographic Information
1. I interviewed my friend Abbie Schaefer.
2. She is 18 years old and was born 12/11/1997.
3. Abbie is currently a freshman at Iowa State University.
4. She grew up in a two-parent household with an older and a younger sister.
1. Describe and explain your most significant relationships. “Right
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Last night, my family all had dinner together with my grandparents and Face Timed me so I could be there too. My family gets together often so its nice to be able to still be involved with my family while away from …show more content…
Ask the interviewee at least six other questions of your choice. 1. What do you think is the biggest challenge that you are currently facing?
“Currently, its my lack of motivation. I know I should be studying for different tests but I really don’t want to so I find other things to do. I’m really struggling with motivating myself to get the things done that I need to.” 2.What so you think is the biggest challenge people you age face?
“I think that the biggest challenge that we face is peer pressure. We seek approval from everyone else in what we do. If someone thinks that we shouldn’t do something, we won’t do it. And if someone thinks we should do something, we will do it. We just want to be accepted, so we fall into the trap of doing what everyone else thinks is okay. 3. Will you parent the same way your parents did?
“Oh I certainly hope so. I think that my parents did a fantastic job and I really like the person that I’ve turned in to. I think they did a great job raising me and my sisters.” 4.If you could change one thing about your life at this moment, what would it be?
“I wish that I could be more interested in my schoolwork. I wish that I would want to do my homework and get my stuff done rather than just feel like I had

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