Analysis Of Wes Moore

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“Do you think we’re all just products of our environments?” His smile dissolved into a smirk, with the left side of his face resting at ease. “I think so, or maybe products of our expectations.” “Other’s expectations of us or our expectations for ourselves?” “I mean others’ expectations that you take on as your own.” I realized how difficult it was to separate the two. The expectations that others place on us, help us form our expectations of ourselves. “We will do what others expect of us,” Wes said. “If they expect us to graduate, we will graduate. If they expect us to get a job, we will get a job. If they expect us to go to jail, then that’s where we will end up too. At some point you lose control.” ...” True, but it’s easy to lose control …show more content…
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results. The author Wes Moore got another chance by his mother completely taking him out of the poor environment, to a place where he could learn morals and want to make something more of himself. He was also centered around people who believed in selflessness and bettering yourself. The other Wes Moore got a second chance and I was extremely hopeful for him. Yet he was discouraged by the continuous minimum wage jobs, not making enough money for his baby mama’s, or his mother. He felt no other option to turn back to what he already knew. That “second chance” just happened to be his last. I think the state should have to be responsible for having resources for those who have been in and out of jail. Including an alternative for them to do once they get out, so they don’t end up there again. If places would look passed the fact that the other Wes Moore had a criminal record, I think it is possible he could have got a better job with his skills, and not ended up in a worse situation than before. Second chances are the most beautiful thing and never should be taken for granted. It is a second chance to change your life or circumstance for the better, but you cannot make the same decisions/mistakes all over again. Otherwise it was

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