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Irena Sendler was born February 15, 1910 in Otwock Poland as Irena Krzyżanowska. She grew up with her father who was a doctor and her mother. When she was only 7 years old her father got sick and died. Her and her mother lived together until Irena went to college at Warsaw university. She was expelled because she stood up for her Jewish friends. She sat with them when the teacher told her not to. When the teacher told her to move her response was “today I am Jewish“

She was a nurse and loved helping people. Irena also worked as a social worker. She had gotten married twice, but divorced, both times. She's also had three kids.

During ww2 in 1939 she would bring food to some Jewish people in Warsaw. That is when she became interested in helping them. Nazis started invading Warsaw and people were being killed, in 1940 more than 450,000 jewish people were forced to live in this area. Since Irena wanted to help people go somewhere safe she joined a group called Zegota. It was a group of people that helped Jewish people escape. Irena was in charge of the children she would go to their homes and would ask to take the kids. If they said yes she would have about 5 ways to get them to safety.
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Use an ambulance and put children in there. 2. There was an abandoned courthouse, she would escape through.
3. They would go through the sewer pipes or secret passageways 4. she would drive them to a new home and give them a new identity.
5. If a child was very ill or pretended to be sick, she could legally remove them in an ambulance and if kids were fussy or laud she would make her dog bark to cover up the noise.

She sometimes needed to put the younger kids and babies in tool boxes and crates. Every kid, she saved she would put their name on a piece of cloth and put it in a glass jar. Then she would bury the jar under a tree in her garden. Irena saved approximately 2,500 lives while she worked in

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