Clara Kramer: The Most Horrific Events In History

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Clara Kramer was born in 1927 and passed away on September 25, 2015, at ninety-three years old. Clara lived a very long life and grew up to be an amazing person, as well as an example for the whole world.

At just fifteen-years-old, Clara lived in a bunker with seventeen other people, hiding from the Nazis. Clara went through events that never should happen to a fifteen-year-old girl. Clara survived through, starvation, vigorous heat, sickness, fear of being found, living in a cramped hole in the ground for twenty months, the loss of close family and friends, and even the mass genocide of people who believed what she believed in. Clara Kramer is what we call a survivor of the most horrific event in history.

One day in the bunker, everyone was asleep when they were awakened by a fire sweeping through the town. The men in the bunker
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I read first hand the horrific events Clara endured and saw the strength and determination Clara had. After the war, Clara met her husband and they ended up moving to America where Sol’s family lived. Clara spent the rest of her life in America teaching people about the Holocaust and her experiences during the Holocaust. Clara gave many speeches about her experiences, she also helped found the Holocaust Resource Center at Kean University. Clara was determined to teach everyone about genocide and the impact it has on society, and also to make sure no one forgets what happened first hand to the Jewish people during the …show more content…
Clara ended up being a mother of two and a grandmother of five. Clara also ended up being a great example for the whole world with her four diaries, which are shown in the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. Clara was an amazing person and I am honored to have been able to read her experience during the

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