John Papa John Case Study

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John Papa John started off his lecture by giving us a little bit about his background. He is originally from Greece; he is an immigrant and takes pride in it. Him and his mother came to America on a boat with his mother speaking no English. He grew up in Mason City, Iowa where he started kindergarten. He said he failed kindergarten twice, mainly because he didn’t know much English.

In Mason City he lived with a diverse group of people. His dad owned a grocery store here during the depression and people would steal and learn to survive. He dad was kind enough to give charity to these people who couldn’t provide for themselves. This is one of the main reasons he is so passionate about philanthropy. John called himself the
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He said this was a very tough time for him, but it also made him mature faster and learn how to problem solve. He had to step up and help provide for his family. He began to manage his father’s grocery store him and his brothers took turns working and going to school. Being an immigrant created some challenges, but he had no problem with working when he could. He said he would do just about any job.

College Experience
John went to school at the University of Iowa. He earned a bachelor’s degree in commerce and graduated with no debt and $2,000 in his bank account. He was very hard working and frugal with his money. He was in a fraternity where all his friends had more money than him and had cars. John had to work all the time and went to school. He graduated in six years and never went to a football game because the grocery stores were always business on Saturdays.

John and his wife are members of University of Iowa Foundation Board of Directors. They have volunteered and campaigned for many University of Iowa organizations and foundations. They are members of the Presidents club because they donate a significant amount of money to the

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