The Legacy Of Coach Wooden

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The clock is ticking. There are three minutes before the award ceremony. All of the sleepless nights and all of the hard work leading up to this day. All of the writing, singing and teaching myself to play piano and this is the moment I’ve been waiting for. I can hear the crowd cheering outside and I’m ready to accept this award. Coach wooden was no stranger to achievement due to dedication. The ideal of dedication caused Coach Wooden to be successful throughout his career as well as in his personal life. Many people have been great hard working role models , but John Wooden left the best legacy of perseverance and dedication by far.
John Wooden was a very dedicated man all throughout his entire life. He learned these ideals as a child. The
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After Wooden’s own basketball career was over he became Coach Wooden, coaching at a high school in Indiana. Serving others by coaching after his own career in basketball would have been hard for so many people but he did it and put everything he had into Coaching his teams. “In 1934 Wooden returned to Indiana to teach English and coach basketball, baseball and tennis at South Bend Central High. During this time he formulated the principles of his seminal “Pyramid of success”teaching model aiming to inspire his students and teams to derive the most from their potential”( This man must have been so passionate and devoted to basketball to be able to become a coach and then after that go above and beyond and make a chart full of inspiring quotes of his very own to inspire his teams. Wooden just keeps becoming more and more devoted to the sport and to his ideal to be dedicated to everything he does, as he gets older. Coach Wooden achieved so much and his devotion to the team really showed when it came to the progress of his team. Wooden’s coaching skills must have been wonderful because Wooden “ended his college head coaching career with a 664-162 record and an amazing 0.804 winning percentage as well as a record 10 national championships” ( John Wooden was not only dedicated to his basketball career but went on to be just as committed to coaching other to play basketball and worked so hard that it was impossible for him to not be recognized for his achievements with his team. Coach Wooden’s commitment and determination made him one of the best coaches in the history of

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