The Rhetorical Analysis Of Ain T I A Woman

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Ain 't I A Woman

1. Sojourner Truth was born into slavery and gained her freedom in 1827. She was a anti-slavery speaker who was trying to get black woman rights.

2. I believe this speech is successful because she has many reasons why black woman should have more rights. She explains that woman can do things on their own like they have in the past.

3. The goal was to persuade white males that black females can do what they do. I believe it was successful because of the examples she gave.

4. Ethos- You can tell she was very passionate about woman getting more rights. She changes her tone in her voice a lot of times showing when she was really upset about something.

Pathos- She shows pity when she tenses up and talks about her arm
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She seemed very intelligent because she brought up a great point that Christ was born from a woman and men had nothing to do with him.

5. People may remember it because this set off a domino effect allowing black woman to gain rights.

The Great Dictator

1. He is trying to explain that the misery that we face now is just the passing of greed, the bitterness of man who fear the way of human progress. Also, the dictators will eventually die out and the power they took from the people will finally be returned.

2. I believe the speech is very successful because he has so much emotion throughout his speech that shows that he wants us to step up and defend ourself and the world.

3.He wants all the people to unite and get rid of greed and hate and tolerance and fight for a world of reason and to make a world where science and progress will lead to all mens happiness.

4.Ethos- His standards are for everyone to unite and make a peaceful world.

Pathos- As the speech goes on, he becomes more emotional and passionate about the subject when his voice gets louder and his delivery is so good that the audience can
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This speech was in response to a question Jeff received about "what makes America great?" Jeff didn 't want to answer the question truthfully at first, but when he did he made his answer very powerful.
2. The speech was not successful to the audience because of the way they booed and disagreed with what he was saying. I personally believe it was successful because all of the points he brought up were true.
3.His goal was to show why America isn 't the greatest country anymore. He accomplished this by using facts that show where we lack as a country and how the future generation is clueless on whats really wrong with our country.
4 Ethos- Jeff turns to the sorority girl and started to explain all the categories that America is not first in. Then he says she is apart of the worst generation ever and when she asks what makes us the greatest country ever, he shows no pity and says he doesn 't know what she is talking about.
Pathos- His statement of America being last in a ton of categories could put fear in some citizens mind.
Logos- Jeff Daniels persuades the audience by saying " the first step in solving any problem is recognizing there is one." A lot of people will never admit that they have a problem which leads to them never solving

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