Compare And Contrast Night And Perils Of Indifference

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Night or Perils of indifference A story of terror, and destruction. Nightmare come to life. A group of innocent people. Dragged from their homes and put to work in awful conditions. The holocaust was an awful time for Jews, and everyone around them. Night is just one of many stories about their time in the camps, and how awful it was. Peril of indifference is a speech by the same author, which explains how bad indifference is and it does not help anyone. I feel as though the speech does a better job supporting Elie’s message, because it explains many topics and relates it to almost everyone.

Night is a very emotional story, about a boys time in the concentration camps. Night was a very descriptive way to talk about the holocaust, and how it affected him. What tolls it took on him, both emotionally and physically. You can clearly tell all the effects on him when he says, “ From the depths of the mirror, a corpse was contemplating me.”(115) the corpse was referring to his body after the holocaust, and how he didn’t recognize himself. He also talks all about the sights he sees, and what is going on around him. You didn’t really get a sense of what happened around him, it in the book it is the opposite. Right when Elie is
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It covers topics such as indifference, and what that generation will be remembered as. The speech has more important people listening to it, and those people can really make a difference. He presented it to people at the White House, so the president was there. He can make a difference the in the future. He talks about how every wants to be indifference, because it’s easy. He wants people to take a stand, and stand up for those who can’t. In the speech he says, Of course, indifference can be tempting— more than that, seductive”(Wiesel). The speech delivers he’s message very well, with all the ways he talks about

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