Why The United States Dropped The Atomic Bomb

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During World War II the United States had a major top secret plan that consisted of the atomic bombs Little Boy and Fat Man, they had been conjuring this up even before President Truman was elected. The first atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima created such vast amount of damage that Japan quickly put together a surrender to announce. Before these were dropped the world was at a standstill. Countries claimed they had nuclear weapons pointed at the United States, the United States claimed they had bombs and missiles pointed at them. It was a messy war that everyone wanted to put an end to it and the United States did just that with two atomic bombs when one was sufficient enough. The second atomic bomb dropped on Japan was not beneficial to the United States and caused immense devastation to Japan. While the war was in full swing, there was a secret project going on that no one knew about, but the makers and experimenters themselves. The secret project consisted of two atomic bombs with high amounts of energy inside them. In some documents they speak about how they created the bomb and what they were using. “...We are planning an atomic bomb utilizing the energy involved in the fission of the uranium atom,” …show more content…
Japan was already planning a surrender when the first atomic bomb was dropped. It caused so much devastation to the people and the city, that Japan already knew they lost. The United States wasted a bomb that had a vast amount of power on a small city that did not even have that many buildings to destroy. Also the amount of health risks it made for the people was absurd and downright cruel. These innocent people died suffering because of the symptoms they had from the atomic bomb and radiation. The second bomb dropped on Nagasaki was not beneficial to the United States when it came to the war and the two bombs caused a great deal of damage to

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