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  • Khroma, The Goddess Of Color

    One early spring morning Khroma the goddess of color set out to the city of Athens to trade colors with the artists in the city. Khroma was the goddess of colors, she controls and changes the colors of anything she wishes. Anytime an Athenian artist needed a new or different color for their creations, Khroma would supply them. The artist often traded a color for a more beautiful color, Khroma thought that was silly because in her eyes all colors are equally beautiful. Khroma descended from…

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  • Dionysus: The Greek Goddess

    heard of these respectable names. These famous symbols being the Goddess or God of their respectful emotion or achievement (and others). But there is one Goddess who was not as notable as the others were. This Goddess had many great achievements just as any Greek God has, was respected for their kind nature, and helped any person who was drastically in need but had fallen from the top to rock bottom due to a controversy This Goddess was named Laticus. Laticus was the sister of Athena. Instead…

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  • Athena Goddess Of Wisdom

    Athena is the goddess of Wisdom among many other things. She is also the goddess of war, defense of towns, heroic endeavors, weaving pottery and other crafts (Atsma, 2011). Athena is a center point in a great deal of Greek myths, and plays character is much more. She is most often depicted in golden armor with shield and spear. Some myths even have her being born wearing that suit of armor. There are a few variations on the birth of Athena, but the most common is that Athena is the daughter of…

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  • The Goddess Of Freedom

    “Celestial Choir! Enthroned in realms of light, Columbia’s scenes of glorious toils I write” (Wheatley 362) as a poetical muse, which inspires her to write on the injustices of her society. This is followed by her personification and depiction of the “Goddess of Freedom” that is “divinely fair” as she begins her explanation of “freedom’s cause” to aid in stopping the…

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  • Goddess Coatlicue Analysis

    the Goddess Coatlicue is around 8 feet 6 inches, or 2.65 meters. The piece was made circa 1500 by the Aztecs in Mexico. It is located in the Museo Nacional de Antropologia in Mexico City. 2. There is only one being depicted in the statue. The statue shows someone with a necklace made up of what appears to be hands, hearts and skulls from humans. Under the necklace appear to be human breasts. The skirt on the statue is made up of snakes that are overlapping. The feet and hands of the goddess…

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  • The Goddess Film Analysis

    The Goddess (1934) is a silent film made by Wu Yonggang, a well-known Chinese director in the 1930s. Hailed as “a masterpiece of ‘the first golden age of Chinese cinema’”, the film marked not only Wu’s directorial debut, but also “the pinnacle of [Ruan Lingyu’s] career” (Harris, 128). Ruan’s “mature, nuanced performance”, which was “subtle but at the same time powerful and rich”, proved to be a major factor in the movie’s success and lasting impact in Chinese cinema – even inspiring Hong Kong…

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  • Aphrodite: The Goddess Of Love

    Aphrodite was the goddess of love, desire, and beauty. She had natural beauty also, magical girdle that made everyone desire her. According to one she was the daughter of zeus and dione(goddess of worshipped at the oracles of dodona). The other account says she emerged from the sea on a giant scallop. She neglected those who did not pray to her and protected those who respected her. During the trojan war, aphrodite was declared the most beautiful godess by a trojan prince. she also saved paris…

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  • Athena Greek Goddess

    Athena is one of the many Greek Goddess's. She is the goddess of wisdom, war, patriotism, good citizenship, skill Athena is known most specifically for her strategic skill in warfare. Athena is the Protector of Athens. She taught cooking, sewing and weaving to the women and agriculture and metallurgy to the men. She had many siblings, but about 5 times as many half-siblings. These half-siblings were a result of Zeus' many affairs with his Her various names are: Anemotis ("protector of the…

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  • Aphrodite Greek Goddess

    Greece was known for numerous things from their architecture, to their paintings, and all the way to poetry. The people of Greece worshipped hundreds of Gods and Goddesses from Athena, the Goddess of War, to Poseidon, the God of the sea... One famous figure who was worshipped by mortals was Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love. With beauty like no other she stole the hearts of men and Gods. Her voice was like honey and no man could resist her. But Aphrodite, along with all the other Gods and…

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  • Artemis Goddess Of Hunt

    Artemis was best known as the goddess of hunt but she was also known as the goddess of wildlife, virginity, childbirth, and the moon. Artemis was born on the island of Ortygia from her parents Zeus and Leto. Leto gave birth to Artemis there because she was being hunted by Hera who was jealous and had deep hatred for Leto. After Artemis was born, she helped her mother to the island of Delos where Leto gave birth to her twin brother Apollo (God of the sun). As a baby, she helped her mother give…

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