Things Fall Apart Summary

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This night was different from all night the village had experienced. The people were asked to go to the market and the only reason why they would decree an announcement is because someone is going to announce news, whether it’s good or not. But based on the crier’s tone, the people can infer that bad news is going to be delivered and it foreshadows what is going to happen later on in the book.

A snake is something that lurks and strikes when you least expect it. When people think of a snake, they think of a dangerous animal that can harm anyone from its venom in a matter of minutes. With the news that is going to come to the people’s ear, it can harm them in a matter of minutes or years. When Okonkwo hears the news, that moment was when
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One of the traditions in the Igbo tribe, the people have arranged marriages, the family can have a good reputation and recognition in the household and it will later give peace to the earth goddess.

Because of the arranged marriages in the Igbo tribes, the people will give good faith and hope to the earth goddess and this is different from Christianity because they honor the god through praise and worshipping. The Igbo tribe shows the worshipping through hard work in the family and this shows with Okonkwo and his traits; his yam farm and compound he built with his family showed hard work and dedication that will appease the goddess.

During the Igbo tribe, one of their traditions was to honor the god or goddess the people admired. When Achebe wrote this, he wanted to stay true to the traditions and what happened during the time period. Honoring the earth goddess shows that the people were cautious about certain things that could disrupt the peace. The earth goddess is similar to a mother figure and how the people look up to her and honor her for the good things that she did for the tribe. The tradition of the Igbo tribe of the goddess is that if one makes her angry or does something the upsets the balance of the peace, then she will do bad sins
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Because of his rejection, Okonkwo limits his perspective on everyone and he sees everyone as his father, lazy and careless. And because he thinks everyone is like his father, he gets angry about how some people aren’t as determined as Okonkwo is and how he thinks everyone is lazy and not as strong as he is. He wants everything to be perfect because his father’s actions showed him that when one slacks off, it won’t be good in the long run. That’s why he’s abusive to his family and is demanding. Because he wants to restore the childhood that he didn’t get and it shows the anger he had built over time and releases it to his

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