Gog and Magog

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  • Ethical Behavior Of Donald Trump And The Mark Of The Beast

    violence, Donald Trump, through The False Prophet, will institute a system, i.e. The Mark of the Beast, to keep track of every financial transaction on the globe. Donald Trump will then be ready to enact what he prophesied he would do during his RNC Convention speech: to soon put an end to crime and violence. The result will be a totally restructured world; a new and truly one-world order and a world without those awful Christians; the ones who so horribly called Trump a devil, when, truth be told, he is the world’s Savior. The seven-year tribulation will officially begin with the signing of a peace treaty between Israel and her Arab neighbors. The Antichrist will broker and guarantee the peace deal. This may be in response to The War of Gog and Magog, alluded to above, between Israel and an alliance of Russia with a confederation of Muslim nations; a war supernaturally ended by God. As a result, Jews will flood into Israel for protection to escape persecution, since any kind of exclusive religious belief will be considered a threat to humanity. It is no coincidence that Russia is likely the one who hacked into the DNC to leak 20,000 of their emails. Putin supported Trump for president and did everything in his power to make that happen. Why? Because Trump had been critical of NATO, suggesting that if he was president, the U.S. may not support a NATO country that was attacked if they were delinquent on their bills. For Trump, it starts and ends with money. If he has a heart,…

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  • Minor Signs Of Islam Essay

    The Dajjal is said to be the leader of Gog and Magog. Therefore, the Dajjal must first be released into the world and deceive people into believing that he is the Messiah before Gog and Magog can take place. Islamic scholars attribute these prophetic fulfillments to Gog and Magog: the liberation of the Holy Land through Euro-Christendom’s crusades, the return of the Israelite Jews to the Holy Land, the formation of the State of Israel and the continuous war and aggression in the west. Under the…

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  • Essay On Islam Apocalypse

    popular genres during this time for Arabia, given that its people were caught in the midst of tremendous destruction. In his study on Islam at Emory University, Gordon D. Newby notes the following historical account: From well before the birth of Muhammad in 570 C.E. through the beginning of Islam in 610 C.E. to 628 C.E., the Roman (Byzantine) and Persian (Sassanian) empires waged inconclusive and devastating wars throughout the eastern Mediterranean world. All of Arabia was caught up in the…

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  • How Did The Mongols Diminish Confucians

    poisoned, as the envoy supposed, by Batu Khan's agents . The regent­mother Oghul Qaimish (the "Camus" of William of Rubruck) seems to have received and dismissed him with presents and a letter for Louis IX, the latter a fine specimen of Mongol insolence . But it is certain that before the friar had quit "Tartary" Möngke, Güyük's successor, had been elected. Andrew's report to his sovereign, whom he rejoined in 1251 at Caesarea in Palestine, appears to have been a mixture of history…

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