Ethical Behavior Of Donald Trump And The Mark Of The Beast

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The most shocking thing is the public’s reaction to Trump’s unethical behavior. Most people do not seem to care and his supporters seem to rather enjoy it. We have now entered the end of the postmodern age where truth is replaced with emotion.
If something so small as a criticism of one’s hands or fingers can send Trump into a never-ending obsessive tirade, what would happen if genuine Christians throughout the world went on a relentless campaign targeting Donald Trump as Satan incarnate? Again, consider his past reactions to trivial comments while imagining his response an international group of thousands, even millions, of people calling him, The Antichrist in the flesh! What will be the outcome, when he eventually has an open opportunity to “hit back really hard to un-wound himself”
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Fact is, terrorism is unstoppable and will only get worse as access to destructive agents as nuclear and chemical weapons are more easily obtained. At some point, a massive terrorist attack may be committed; an attack so horrendous it will make 9/11 look like a picnic. Perhaps an entire major city will be destroyed. If this were to happen, the world would teeter on the brink of annihilation. At that point, people will be desperate for anyone and anything to step in and save humanity. In the name of stopping terrorism, stopping crime and stopping violence, Donald Trump, through The False Prophet, will institute a system, i.e. The Mark of the Beast, to keep track of every financial transaction on the globe. Donald Trump will then be ready to enact what he prophesied he would do during his RNC Convention speech: to soon put an end to crime and violence. The result will be a totally restructured world; a new and truly one-world order and a world without those awful Christians; the ones who so horribly called Trump a devil, when, truth be told, he is the world’s

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