What Are Women's Roles In Greek Mythology

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Women’s roles in mythology ranged from culture to what type of goddess they are considered. They’re roles are important to the mythology story because women are the very essence of mankind. The role of Demeter, Goddess of Harvest, and her daughter and Isis, Goddess of Magic and Healing, are similar in different ways. The goddess of harvest would be for the plants to grow and the goddess of magic and healing would help people from dying. Both myths have similar roles and relations between men and women that make the women’s part in the story important. The myth of Demeter is that Hades the brother of Zeus asked if he can marry Persephone, Demeter’ daughter, so he steals her and takes her to the underworld with him; Demeter loving her daughter so much is sadden by her disappearance causes there to be a sort of winter. Soon Zeus sees that people are starving because Demeter refuses to let the seeds grow while her daughter is gone. Demeter finds out that Zeus let Hades steal Persephone to become his wife and wants Zeus to get her back, which Hades is okay with Persephone visiting her mother, but he knows that she will not come back so tricks her into eating six …show more content…
They both get what they want out of doing things to the extreme such as Demeter refuse to let the plants grow which is starving the people and Isis poisons Ra to get what she wants out of him tricking him. They both seem as if they do anything for their children. Isis has to bring back her husband twice to father his son and she hides him in secret. Demeter tried to hide her daughter but it doesn’t work because hades sees her and that’s how he steals her and in Demeter’s sadness she causes the plants not to grow. The two Goddess seem to be ambitious and very strong women who will do what it takes to get there way. Demeter get her Daughter back to an extent but Isis never loses her son but has to bring her husband back to

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