Different Reasons: Inanna, Ishtar, And Aphrodite

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Their Descents, Their Reasons The world was created by many methods for various reasons; according to the myths, a lot of gods and goddesses were born after this world was created. By their own roles, they have ruled over from a small tribe to a big society that is larger than a country with diverse names. Inanna, Ishtar, and Aphrodite are the goddesses who have similar roles, personalities, and characteristics but different names because those three regions of myths are adjoined. However, the faraway continents such as Asia and America have completely different myths. Several myths in the regions has the descent in the plot of the myths, but the reasons of the descent are various; for example, Inanna goes down to the underworld for the …show more content…
In her myth, Inanna, the goddess of love, fertility, and war, she thinks that she can get whatever she wants after her marriage with Dumuzi. Therefore, she has the desire to conquer the underworld which her sister, Ereshkigal, reigns. Her confidence that she can usurp the underworld is shown as Wolkstein writes, “When Inanna arrived at the outer gates of the underworld, she knocked loudly, she cried out in a fierce voice” (Wolkstein 54-55). Her figure that is full of confidence is a form of valiant soldier. The seven me with her represents her preparation for the war with Ereshkigal as Wolkstein writes, “She has gathered together the seven me" (Wolkstein 56). Nevertheless, she loses and catches her husband, Dumuzi, who can go down instead of her. Then, the four seasons are created by the descents and ascents of Dumuzi who is the god of growth and plenty. In her myths, her journey to go down is for conquering the death; however, she eventually submits the death. In other words, the death cannot be a thing that can be conquered. Inanna’s journey to go to the underworld reflects well an idea that the Sumerians accept the death. Especially, her myth has one difference that she has an attribute of jealousy. She feels jealous of her husband and packs him off to the netherworld when she is suffering in

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