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  • Rumors A Farce Analysis

    Rumors, a farce by Neil Simon, was directed by Carol Sutton and costumed by Will Lowry at Furman University. The farce featured outlandish characters with costumes that were crisp and sparkling that joined the characters’ social statuses and the anniversary they were supposed to celebrate. Lowry stated that with the costumes, he tried “reinforcing characters and playing with relationships.” The costumes represented each character and relationship well, but lacked success in conjunction with the set and period. Simon’s play is set in the 1980s at a deputy-mayor’s house in New York with upper class socialites. The costumes were jewel toned gowns for the women and tuxes for the men. Because dresses and tuxes form the 1980s are presumably hard to come by, the costume designer used modern found clothing and fabric to imitate the clothing of the period (Lowry). Therefore, the costumes did not exactly align with the time period. Popular elements of the 1980s were definitely incorporated into the designs, however, with peplums, bows, and outrageous shoulder articles for the women. As for the men, Glenn Cooper—the politician—wore the sleeve of his suit rolled up while Ken Goreman—the lawyer—wore a complete tux with a cummerbund and suspenders.…

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  • Reflection On Race And Town Gown Policing

    The event that I had attended was ‘Race and Town Gown Policing : Perceptions? Realities ? ‘ which was held on the Friday, September 18 from 2 - 4 pm at the Sykes Union This event was attended by many; staff , faculty and students of West Chester University. There was a panel of five people , two of them were students from West Chester university itself , the head of the West Chester department of police , head of public safety and a police office serving since the past 20 years . Two…

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  • Halyard Health Case Study Essay

    the Kimberly-Clark corporation, have been lying to people by selling defective goods. Specifically he claimed that Halyard Health have been purposely selling MICROCOOL surgical gowns that had the tendency to leak or having the sleeves fall off. As Avenatti said “They didn't tell the public. They didn't tell the FDA. They didn't tell physicians. They told no one. They kept selling the gown to the tune of millions of dollars every month.” Although some people believe that every product isn’t…

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  • Casablanca Bridal Dress Analysis

    Finding the right gown to wear in your special day just got a little bit easier. The new Beloved line by Casablanca Bridal provides a range of romantic and ethereal bridal dresses that are sure to suit any bride’s style. Officially launching in Fall 2016, the Beloved line will already be available in stores as of July, offering brides-to-be a beautiful line of affordable, high-quality bridal gowns. The Beloved line was designed to complement Casablanca Bridal’s existing lines: the original…

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  • Personal Protective Equipment

    a person from being exposed to infectious material, such as blood or other body fluids that contain pathogens. PPE consists of gloves, a cover gown, a surgical mask, and safety goggles. Gloves are used to cover the hands and are worn when there may be contact with blood or body fluids, or when the person has non-intact skin. Cover gowns are used to protect the uniform and body and are worn when splashing of any potentially infectious fluids are present. Masks and safety goggles are used to…

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  • Art Painting: The Last Supper By Leonardo Da Vinci

    short brown hair and tanned skin with a beard on face is believed to be Bartholomew. He is wearing a blue and green gown, standing with both hands placed on the table with stern expression while looking at Jesus. Next to Bartholomew, there is a medium brown curly long hair with brown long beard, He is dressed in a red gown who is believed to be James Minor. In the painting, he look at Jesus in dismay or stunned expression then he extends his left hand to Jesus’s direction which looks like he…

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  • Essay On Contact Precautions

    my clinical rotation at Palmetto Richland on the Acute Care for the Elderly unit there were several patients on contact precautions due primarily to Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) or high counts of gram-positive Escherichia coli bacterium (E. coli) in the urine and blood. A good example of best practice that I witnessed was the proper display and implementation of contact precautions around patients with multidrug-resistant organisms and bacteria (MDROs). If a patient is…

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  • Christobal Blenciaga Case Study

    father had passed away leaving his mother to support the family as a seamstress. Around that same time, became amused by his mother’s work of interest and began studying dressmaking. Continued his studies in dressmaking until 1910. As a teenage Christobal was given the opportunity to a gown for Madrid de Casa Torres, a well- known and respected of Spain. She admired his attention to detail and want him to create a replica of one of her own gowns. He did as requested, creating an exact replica of…

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  • David's Bridal Case Study

    The focal company in the case is David’s Bridal (DB), a specialized wedding attire retailer. The focal product is affordable wedding attire and accessories ranging in price from $99 to $1,500. Included in the term “affordable wedding attire and accessories” are bridal gowns, headpieces, veils, and other gown accessories. The target market is brides-to-be who are in the market for wedding and/or bridesmaids dresses and accessories. The market currently consists of Generation X (who valued…

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  • James Bond Weddings

    These females are always dressed with glamour and impeccable taste. They make men turn their heads and chase after them—tails wagging in earnest A black bridesmaid dress that would look right out of a 007 movie is the Stella Gown, a head to toe sequined gown in stretch satin that is sure to be a show stopper. Another potential bridesmaid dress would be the Milla Maxi, which is a Silk Plunging Maxi that can is versatile and can be styled any way you like. James Bond inspired playlist The…

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