Reflection On Race And Town Gown Policing

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The event that I had attended was ‘Race and Town Gown Policing : Perceptions? Realities ? ‘ which was held on the Friday, September 18 from 2 - 4 pm at the Sykes Union This event was attended by many; staff , faculty and students of West Chester University. There was a panel of five people , two of them were students from West Chester university itself , the head of the West Chester department of police , head of public safety and a police office serving since the past 20 years .
Two situations were discussed with the panelists who were then asked to tell what they would do ? how and why? The first situation was an on campus party scenario in which one of the african american organisations on campus threw a party with a dozen of students
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The officers notice quantities of alcohol on the premises and they decide to disband the event . On this scenario the panelist said that some people view this treatment as racist but it 's actually something that they would even do at a caucasian party.They were asked a couple of questions from the faculty as well as the students in the audience . One of the students in the audience asked why there is always more security at events that are mainly for the African - Americans .
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The police officer explained that the number of officers present at any party or event is calculated by the number of anticipated students who would be showing up at the event . The second situation was a Stop and frisk Scenario : Two men of color are walking down the residential streets in downtown West Chester at 10 PM . They 're laughing and talking
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They feel like they do not get treated equally as compared to the Caucasians . Their concerns are quite valid considering they’re the minority, but I think the fact that even the police officers present on the panel did not accept that there is discrimination that officers tend to do between the whites and the blacks just makes their concern more valid. Had they acknowledged it and done something about it , the situation could have been a lot better. I had never known about these sort of things before probably because the discriminations that take place in my home country are a lot different than these. This event did not only tell me what kind of discrimination and racism but also the level of it too. Before going to this event, I thought that the African -Americans face problems only within their workplace or their neighborhood. I had no idea that even in the path of justice they faced racism

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