Racism In Sociology Research Paper

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Racism has been around for many years and it is an issue that has never been fully resolved, although some may believe that it has. It is not uncommon to see crimes being mentioned everywhere but thanks to the media, we have seen the many incidents occurring recently involving white cops and black men, hence we have come to realize how racist we really are as a society and how big of an issue racism actually is even now.
In the textbook Classical and Contemporary Sociological Theory, we are introduced to some of the first sociologists and their theories. Two sociologists that are relevant to present issues about racism would be Emile Durkheim and W.E.B. Du Bois. In Durkheim’s The Rules of Sociological Method, he mentions that crime is necessary
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The reason these events have cause such a stir in the media is because it is seen as racial discrimination. In most incidents the black male does not possess a weapon and is unjustly shot by a white cop. The argument is that if it were a white offender, the cops would not be shooting their firearms however, because black males are the offenders in these incidents, they have been portrayed as hate crimes against black people. As for Du Bois, being an African American man, he specifically focused on white oppression and the unfair treatment of black people (2016:99). During his time, he was treated differently because he was African American and wanted equality, but believed that there was white dominance …show more content…
We also see the inequality gap among whites and blacks considering how the white cops do not seem to get any charges filed rather they are only suspended from their duties. We are looking at a problem that is occurring around the whole country which could mean that perhaps an issue that occurred previously has in a way molded all of present society. These racial shootings involving white cops and black men have only been present in current years. There was a time where this racial stratification was not as obvious (although it definitely was occurring) however, these incidents have occurred one after another, causing an increase in racial discrimination. Now we are seeing black communities develop anger towards white people and the fact that so many black lives have been lost by the hands of white officers, we also see that there is racial discrimination even in our justice system making it a corrupt one. All the race related crimes are proof that society has not been able to treat everyone equally and still thinks of their own people rather than trying to focus on everyone as a

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