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  • Christobal Blenciaga Case Study

    studying dressmaking. Continued his studies in dressmaking until 1910. As a teenage Christobal was given the opportunity to a gown for Madrid de Casa Torres, a well- known and respected of Spain. She admired his attention to detail and want him to create a replica of one of her own gowns. He did as requested, creating an exact replica of the gown. As a result Torres wore the gown for everyone to see.…

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  • James Bond Weddings

    These females are always dressed with glamour and impeccable taste. They make men turn their heads and chase after them—tails wagging in earnest A black bridesmaid dress that would look right out of a 007 movie is the Stella Gown, a head to toe sequined gown in stretch satin that is sure to be a show stopper. Another potential bridesmaid dress would be the Milla Maxi, which is a Silk Plunging Maxi that can is versatile and can be styled any way you like. James Bond inspired playlist…

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  • David's Bridal Case Study

    David’s Bridal (DB), a specialized wedding attire retailer. The focal product is affordable wedding attire and accessories ranging in price from $99 to $1,500. Included in the term “affordable wedding attire and accessories” are bridal gowns, headpieces, veils, and other gown accessories. The target market is brides-to-be who are in the market for wedding and/or bridesmaids dresses and accessories. The market currently consists of Generation X (who valued tradition and consistency), Millennials…

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  • Marriage In Romeo And Juliet

    wedding, after the marriage of the bride and groom they have a reception where people eat food, dance, and celebrate the new couple. The white wedding dress was a later tradition, most women then would have worn their best gown or purchased a new gown if the money was available. Their gown would have been full length and made of velvet, satins and corduroy if the bride could afford it. The dress consisted of a corset, girdle underneath, cuffs, and most likely had a plunging neckline so that…

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  • Personal Narrative-Vietnamese/Chinese New Year !

    and children of all ages wore a traditional long-sleeve gown with slits all the way above their hips, the neck -line looked like a turtleneck style, and they wore silky white pants underneath the gown. I mainly saw the gowns in red and blue. The women wore a red gown with gold detailed flowers on them with specks of a shimmering gold thread. The men wore exactly the same thing but in blue. I also saw some ladies in different designs of that gown, and I also noticed that it was not just the…

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  • Influence Of Fashion In The 18th Century

    undergarments worn to extend the width of the skirts while leaving the front and back relatively flat. the usual fashion of the years 1750-1775 was a low necked gown worn over a petticoat. Most gowns had skirts that opened infront to show the petticoat worn beneath. Women wore the 'mantua' for special occasions. It was an open fronted silk or fine wool gown with a train and matching petticoat. Hairstyles were equally elaborate with tall headdresses being the distinctive fashion of the 1770s.…

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  • Knight Armours: Fighting In The Middle Ages

    Who were Knights? A knight was person awarded for their bravery, courage and loyalty towards the country by either a monarch or king. Knight Armours/ Fighting In the Middle ages (AKA Medieval Times) knights were found wearing suits of armour often made from metal. In particular, the Chain mail armour which was…

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  • Summer Narrative: My Last Summer In Quezon

    Escudero’s Fashion Show, so I said yes. I thought there were other models who will join me. When I came to Tita Chiva’s house, I saw there a beautiful and new gown, I just talk to myself at that time and said that, someday, I’m gonna wear a gown that is as beautiful as this one. And i was so shocked when she told me that this gown will be the gown that I will wear on the fashion show and on the Grand Santacruzan that will be on the Cathedral. I was so happy at that time, because for me, it’s…

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  • Outwear Trends In The 50s

    “I wore a gown that I re-used from a wedding. We were a poor immigrant family, so it was really hard to go out and buy something new” (Giorgi, n.p.). Her dress has a sweetheart neckline with a full skirt at ballerina length. The sweetheart neckline became popular in 1940s evening wear, but was still used in the 50s. Farrell-Beck and Parsons discussion on 50s trends spoke of how evening gowns were frequently boned or strapless, which is seen with the sweetheart neckline on my grandma’s gown…

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  • Biohazardous Waste Essay

    Medical facilities can create thousands of pounds of waste - hazardous and nonhazardous - every year. Most staff members are trained to know how to dispose of generated waste including bed linens, patient gowns, paper products, syringes and scalpels. Many of the biohazards that are disposed of are placed into red, biohazard bags and are given to medical waste disposal Texas for final disposition. If you work in a hospital, dentist’s office, veterinary clinic, nursing home, daycare, tattoo…

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