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  • Hell Cat Monologue

    brains like Rose. I feel I am a little above average, but in comparison to them, it is hard to compete. I came out the dressing room area after trying on a black gown that had a magnificent back with beading and sheer lace in the back. It was beautiful, and it made my skin seem luminescent. I watch Carmen and Jess stare in awe at the beautiful gown. "So, I am assuming you both like this one?" I asked them, as I turned…

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  • Divine Intervention Case Study

    Headteacher, Mr Knight, displayed an admirable grasp of the maxim. He walked in the Hall followed by the Staff to take his first morning assembly. He wore the flowing black gown of his graduation. That served to confuse the entity, composed of four hundred and fifty units whose only point of reference vis-à-vis the black gown was Batman’s cape. Mr Knight mounted the stage and instead of the expected request for the entity to be seated followed by an apt homily, the newly-appointed Headmaster…

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  • Tailors During The Middle Ages

    Tailors during the middle ages made clothes for a small amount of the population. Their work was mostly bound by limited and traditional resources. They were hired to make all types of clothing from silk gowns to underwear. A variety of materials added to the repertoires of some tailors for creating diverse types of clothing. Most tailors worked in highly specialized shops where templates and clothing materials allowed them to create more copies of specific garments. Tailors procured and…

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  • Valentino Garavani Research Paper

    President John F. Kennedy's assassination, Jacqueline Kennedy ordered 6 couture Valentino dresses in black and white. She wore the gowns while mourning her husband's death. After that Jaqueline Kennedy became one of Valentino's most loyal customers and a good friend. Valentino also designed couture gowns for queens and princesses all over the world. He designed gowns for Queen Paola of Belgium and Queen Begum Aga Khan early on in his career. The designer worked heavily with movie stars,…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience As A Clinical Nurse

    My day started a bit off, I had an emergency that morning that made me run a bit late for clinical. This made me miss some important information such as, how nurses in NCBH hand over to the next shift, but aside that, I had a wonderful day working with nurse Mrs. Osei. She welcomes me by introducing herself, which I responded likewise. She took me with her to do her morning rounds and administer medication to her assigned patient. After we were done with her morning medication, I went to one of…

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  • Raphael's Transfiguration

    I enjoy immersing myself in a painting and learning the intentions of the artist but what fascinates me most is relating the work to its context. When I researched, wrote and produced a documentary for the national competition SPoKE on Raphael's 'Transfiguration,' I was able to develop my understanding and love for a work of art which I thought I knew well. I regard the compositions of Raphael as more sophisticated than those of any other 16th century artist, but investigating the stylistic…

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  • The Maasai Wedding Rituals

    They’re must be marriage material (puberty age). The age preferred is between (eleven to thirteen) for the females and whatever age for the males. As long as he’s able take care of his wife. The marriage costumes are different from the usual white gown rather colorful and embroidered. Including the Kanga (a special wear for Maasai women). Condition B: I. Even this rule is not respected totally as mentioned before they do not have any religious beliefs but the father of the…

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  • Wigs In The 18th Century

    year, it develops. Not only judges, but also a king, queen, duke, duchess, and all aristocrats were wearing wigs. The rationale behind the popularity of wigs in aristocrats was the baldness which they got because of the effect of make-up (Robe and Gown, 2003). At 17th century’s, a pale complexion became a standard of beauty for aristocrats. Since they have to put thick make-up to look pale, they also damage their skin, which the effect is baldness. Therefore, a wig became a mark of fashion on…

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  • City Trailer Analysis

    The prospect of another day at the office was always uninspiring and things were no different on that Monday morning... Ho hum! Just another predictable week coming up for me, Henry Irvine, a Public Servant with the Australian Government. At least, that's what I thought as I boarded my city-bound bus. Sometimes fate moves in mysterious ways. Certain events were about to take place that would change my life and it would never be the same. After about 15 minutes on the bus just day dreaming…

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  • Steppin Out Doll

    It is cut to emphasize the slim and elegant curves of the feminine body. The gown is black with an A line cut, and a silver bodice. It hugs the body, and then flares out at the bottom to mimic a mermaid tail. The dolls stole is made up of white marabou feathers, and cascades down with black chiffon and silver lining. Along with…

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