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  • Early Childhood Observation Summary

    Companion Sensory Profile was completed by Mrs. Kim Engel. The Sensory Profile assesses if there are sensory processing difficulties that might impact a child’s performance in their current academic setting. Emma scored in the significantly elevated range (2SD) in the following: seeking and registration. She scored in the slightly elevated range in avoiding and sensitivity. Concerns in seeking include the following: she is visually distracted and will watch people as they move around the room, she gets too close to others, will touch and grab items and is almost always “on the go”. In the area of registration concerns included the following: almost always misses instructions, struggles to complete tasks, decrease eye contact during interactions and often bumps or trips over things When observed in the classroom and working with this evaluator Emma will often jump from one task to another. She will not wait for instructions at “centers”, will grab items off the table before knowing what to do, she appears to be very impulsive and often is moving about. When working with this evaluator she did best if heavy work activities were alternated with visual motor activities such as manipulating putty. She also performed heavy work and movement activity by using a bilateral walker and a body sock. She often will comply with requests when presented with “first and then..”. Self Care/ADL’s: Emma independently don her coat and will attempt to engage her zipper; she does…

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  • Jayden: A Fictional Narrative

    to his closet. He dashed through his homework and pelted past his painful parents in order to grab an apple or two. Minute by minute the sun gradually rested its head until it finally fell asleep in the west and Jayden imitated the motions. Allowing the soft purple sand trickle through his fingers, Jayden supposed he was on his favorite beach, Pfeiffer State Beach in Big Sur. Looking around, all he could see was black. Black with speckled with the brightest, biggest night lights he had ever…

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  • Mandolin: A Short Story

    spare! Maybe? It made more dramatic, so roll with it, Andy! Mission accomplished Mandolin! “Who’s Mandolin!” Mrs. Latvia screams. “Is your mom adding another reckless bag of snot to your band of broken souls?” “No!” I roll my eyes at her snarky comments. New objective: Move out when 18 to avoid this nosy neighborhood. “There’s-” “The factory’s closed! No more coming from me!” My mom yells over the fence from behind me. “Holy sh-” “Watch your mouth, Andy!” She says moving a hand from under the…

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  • Oggi's Competitive Advantage

    There are three other competitive restaurants in my neighborhood that cater to sports bar themes and about seven competitive family style restaurants that are all capable of taking revenue away from Oggi’s. Of the other sports bars, Buffalo Wild Wings is the only one that I can think of that is marketed and known for sports, beer, and food just like Oggi’s. What makes Oggi’s different over Buffalo Wild Wings are the microbrewery and the overall quieter atmosphere. Oggi’s centers around the…

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  • Somerset Night Research Paper

    Top Rated Somerset, NJ Nightlife: Best Restaurants, Bars and Clubs Meta Description: Somerset, New Jersey has a great nightlife scene full with excellent restaurants and bars. Meta Keywords: Somerset restaurants, Dining in Somerset, Somerset bars, Nightlife in Somerset Somerset’s Top Restaurants and Bars Somerset, New Jersey, located near the center of the state, has its own special nightlife scene. With great, unpretentious restaurants serving great food with the level of gracious…

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  • Owl Marketing Plan

    name. Owls is the mixture of a wing joint and a family restaurant. It’s the mixture of a Sports Bar and a fine dining place. Now you may be wondering how it can be all those things. Well let me tell you why and how it is. Owls might look like a building, but when you come…

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  • Kitty's Sports Grill Research Paper

    Kitty's Sports Grill is Cincinnati's favorite restaurant. Serving up the city's best late night food and drinks, their menu features everything from classic pub food to draft beer and cocktails. Whether you're looking for a new happy hour or a place to watch the big game, drop by Kitty's Sports Grill today and see why it's considered such a local staple. Ready for the super bowl? If you want to enjoy the game without having to worry about cooking and cleaning up after your buds, check out…

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  • Small Bedroom Observation

    I knew Professor Flower was my favorite professor when he stated “I will never repeat an outfit”. From day one he presented himself with so much integrity and seemed to have a great deal of authority but wills it with such grace to the point where you can’t help but wish to become him. His gentleman like demeanor lingered in the air and it was contagious. He presented himself as the strap up your boots and make it happen type of man (but he wouldn’t actually be wearing boots, of course, more…

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  • Reflection On Mays Landing Court House

    On the day of Friday October 21st, 2016, at the scene of Mays Landing Court House inside the Criminal Division court room, the Honorable Judge Damon G. Tyner, JSC presided. Throughout the day Judge Tyner observed both sentencing as well as motion cases. Before arriving to the court house I reflected on my expectations; I was expecting to see this large courtroom with ten to twelve rows and massive windows. I expected to hear no talking while the Judge spoke, I also expected most to be dressed…

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  • Breaking The Mold: Jazz Music In The 1950's

    Breaking the Mold Jazz music in the 1950’s typically consisted of smooth, melodic lines, and compositions in 4/4, and in some cases, 3/4 rhythm, which made it easy for listeners to dance along to, therefore boosting the popularity of the particular band. Dave Brubeck went against this commonality, and created music that he enjoyed playing, rather than composing songs that fit into the standardized “jazz mold.” This decade introduced some immensely talented jazz musicians with the innovative…

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