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  • Peace Reform In Colombia

    The war between the Colombian government and the Marxist inspired guerrilla groups has impacted and defined the lives of the Colombian people for over five decades. After years of negotiations, the Colombian government has reached an agreement with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia or otherwise known as FARC. In the agreement, the FARC promises to disarm and join the political system, in return for forgiveness and amnesty for human right abusers. In October, the citizens of Colombia had an opportunity to embrace the potential of their nation and revitalize their country. Despite the fact that the peace reform offered possibilities for economical and political changes, the Colombian voters rejected this reform. Speculations that the…

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  • A Peace Agreement Between Colombian Government And The Farc Agreement

    Current Event In 2012, peace talks began to bring a bilateral peace agreement between the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). These talks have been a move towards a conclusion, although with many set backs from both parties (Colombia Country Profile, 2015). The Colombian government and the FARC agreed to a cease-fire in December 2014. In 2013, the Colombian government used a provisional, partial agreement on land reform and political participation with…

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  • Pablo Escobar: A Hero Or A Villain?

    was known “Robin Hood” to Medellin,Colombia. Many thought of Pablo Escobar being irresponsible with money but people in Medellin,Colombia think otherwise. Pablo Escobar wanted to do what he thought the government never did which was help the poor. Pablo Escobar’s charity work was well recognized in Medellin,Colombia. Many still to this day think of him as a saint. Pablo Escobar was not born into wealth he actually grew up very poor. Knowing the struggle of growing poor and not getting help…

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  • Colombian Culture Essay

    A majority of the country’s infrastructure is owned and run by the private sector, rather than the government. Unlike most other countries, Colombian airports, seaports, roads, water services, and even energy services are privately owned and operated, with little to no interference from the federal government (Sales, 2013). This could pose a threat to not only the local populous, but also any military force that opposed any guerrilla faction that is supported by the owners of any local…

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  • Drug Trade In Colombia

    than anything, as Colombia is one of the most unequal countries in terms of financial stability. The government wants to make programs would care for the neglected citizens that have been affected by he drug trade. The plan was to solve the drug problem domestically, so that it could have a impact on a global scale. If the amount of drugs being processed in Colombia were decreased it would help to lessen the amount that is being smuggled into the Western countries and Europe. The demand for…

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  • Pablo Escobar Crimes

    as an eager person or a monster while his family and the poor saw him as an idol, and he unleashed the war in Colombia. Firstly, Pablo Escobar was considered a criminal because…

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  • Colombia Civil War Essay

    Colombia is a Spanish speaking nation, located to the South of Venezuela. Colombia, as of 2016, has a population of 48,481,028 people. The Official Colombian currency is the Peso. The Peso is worth a miniscule 0.051 American dollars. Colombia’s main export is petroleum, with coffee and coal not far behind. Colombia’s main imports are most mechanical, and technological products. The United States, the main trade partner of Colombia provides most of these imports. The capital of Colombia is…

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  • Pablo Escobar Personality

    Some say he created a Robin Hood image just to sway the opinion of the public, others say that he helped out of the goodness of his heart. Pablo Escobar built schools, parks, stadiums, and churches. Once he heard of 700 families living in a city dump to scavenge for food, so he took it upon himself to build them a neighborhood. The neighborhood was called Barrio Pablo Escobar and it still stands till this day. Pablo connected with the lower- class but still maintained a level of authority. He…

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  • Cenepa War Case Study

    Peru (Aranda, 1890: 204). The confusion lay, however, in whether this transfer of control was exclusively over religious and military matters, or territorial as well. This region of Maynas encapsulated parts of present-day Peru and Ecuador, and the ambiguity of the Cédula made for unclear territorial boundaries between these two countries when they became independent from Spain. In 1822, Peru began its diplomatic relations with the Republic of Gran Colombia, who had recently gained independence…

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  • Essay On American Imperialism

    Marroquin argues creating the Panama Canal was a violation to the country. (The Rights of Colombia, 12/8) America may have ignored, exploited, and dumped waste on Colombia’s land, but Panama had decided to revolt against Colombia in the first place. America had an unstable relationship with Colombia; This is prime example of how there is a cost to advancement. America had aided Panama in the revolt, and successfully created the Panama Canal after obtaining the assets from Panama. The Panama…

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