The Effects Of Peace Reform In Colombia

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The war between the Colombian government and the Marxist inspired guerrilla groups has impacted and defined the lives of the Colombian people for over five decades. After years of negotiations, the Colombian government has reached an agreement with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia or otherwise known as FARC. In the agreement, the FARC promises to disarm and join the political system, in return for forgiveness and amnesty for human right abusers. In October, the citizens of Colombia had an opportunity to embrace the potential of their nation and revitalize their country. Despite the fact that the peace reform offered possibilities for economical and political changes, the Colombian voters rejected this reform. Speculations that the agreement provided inadequate reforms resulted in its rejection. In this essay, I will touch base on the history that brings about this reform, the reasons for why the Colombian voters rejected the peace reform as well as the potential future for Colombia.
Colombia has historically been a country which endures tribulation from the social unrest of inequality, where extensive acres of land are owned by a very small elite. For the past five decades, the citizens of Colombia have lived in a
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Will the new accord facilitate peace in Colombia? Although it has been difficult to implement a peace reform, executing the reform will prove to be much more difficult. The peace reform has created a window of hope for a change for the better. It won 't erase the death of over 200,000 people, nor does it diminish the heartache the Colombian citizens have endured; but, it could be the beginning towards mending the pain. Although many are frustrated with the government’s lack of implementing punishment, it could be viewed as a stepping stone in the right direction. Many will remain angry and conflicts are bound to happen, but I am hopeful that this reform will become a platform of positive changes for

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