Domestic Terrorism Analysis

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According to Lewis, “Domestic Terrorism involves groups or individuals who operate without foreign direction entirely within the United States and target elements of U.S. government and citizen” (p. 209). In different countries they also have a form of domestic terrorism of what we can also refer as homegrown terrorism. What are the possible ties that the domestic terrorism in the United States and abroad are relatively close? It seems like they share the goal of inflicting fear and causing destruction on the citizens of their country, but how are they alike when it comes to their political views, religion, education, economic background and ethical background. We are going to take a deeper look on what are the potentially comparable aspects …show more content…
One prime example is Timothy Mcveigh’s bombing of the federal building, his political view of anti-government is the reason that he resorted to such violence that caused a destruction on government property and many innocent lives (Borgeson, 2012). He posses a strong disagreement on how a government works and how government treats its people. It is apparent that Mcveigh’s view of the government is defiance against the law and his political views has a huge influence on why he commits the attack on April 9, 1995, (Borgeson, 2012). The contrariety of his beliefs against United States government is written in history when he killed innocent lives and caused a destruction of government property. Fueled by his disbeliefs he engaged in a violent attack that will be etched in U.S. history forever. FARC political views are far more different than the home grown terrorist in the United States, they actually want to have a place in the government and be part of Columbia’s political system. Aside from their anti-government views they want to have a reform which includes on the peace talk FARC and the government of Columbia had, Stanford University. According to Stanford University, “The group claims to represent the lower, peasant, and the agrarian class of Colombia, whose members oppose what they see as growing imperialism in the country”. As they continue on to achieve their goal of turning the government in Columbia they terrorism is well known that delivers bloodshed to the country of Columbia every time they rage against the government. The pursuance of the government is steady unlike that the domestic terrorism in the United States that is a one time attack in reflection of Mcveigh’s negative views of the government. Abu Sayyaf on the other hand expresses their negative views of the Philippines

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