Terrorist Attacks On 9/11 Essay

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Before the terrorists attacks on September 11, 2001, the United States was at war with Iraq and had a presence in Saudi Arabia which lead to conflict to terrorist groups and terrorists attacks within the US, but no action was taken that would change American politics, society, or foreign policy. After the attacks, everything changed. The US became much strict in its search for and elimination of terrorism, both within the country and around the world. The events also brought the country together, but at the same time separated the country into parties and groups. We also wanted to spread democracy to prevent the spread and start of terrorism. The terrorist attacks on 9/11 affected American politics by consequently allowing the government more power, it affected American society in a way that changed relationships within the country, and also affected American policy because we invaded multiple countries to hunt down, eliminate, and prevent terrorism. …show more content…
The government gained much more power and this was justified because it needed the power to put an end to terrorism, which we had declared war on shortly after the attacks. The government stretched it’s power to create the USA PATRIOT Act to help us find suspected terrorists. However, the Patriot Act wasn’t all good. The act allowed the government to ask for any piece of information they wanted from any company and no one could say the information was requested (doc 2). This caused many to believe the government was using too much power and that the Patriot Act was an invasion of the nation 's privacy. The government also used its stretched powers to create new agencies like the National Security Agency and the Transportation Security Agency to help find terrorists. Varvel 's political cartoon depicts the TSA stepping over the statue of liberty, symbolizing our liberty, our rights (doc 7). The creation of these agencies was also

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