Characteristics Of Domestic Terrorism

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The United States was forced to deal with a greater amount of terrorism as time passed and as it become an imperialistic power and threatened the security of several countries with its dominance. The most recent and most memorable act of terrorism in the United States occurred on September 11, 2001 when the twin towers were destroyed and more than 3,000 Americans were killed. Terrorism has also occurred on a smaller scale in the United States under the guise of domestic terrorism. Despite the United States’ history of terrorism, terrorism has not come under scrutiny until within the last decade. The United States’ response to terrorism has also varied from case to case but in cases of international terrorism has typically been more dramatic than in cases of domestic terrorism.
Domestic Terrorism The majority of the terrorism that has occurred in the United States has been considered domestic terrorism. Domestic terrorism is more prevalent than international terrorism because numerous people believe that the best way to settle their grievances against the United States is to turn to violence. The United States also responds to domestic terrorism in a very different way than how they respond to international terrorism. Domestic terrorism
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The first characteristic is that it must include life threatening actions which violate either a federal or state law. The second criteria of international terrorism is that it must seem to intend to scare a civilian population or attempt to change the actions of a government through violence. The third criteria is that it must occur mainly beyond the territorial jurisdiction of the United States or go beyond national boundaries in order to be accomplished. International terrorism typically occurs when groups of people oppose the government of the United States and rarely occurs as lone-wolf terrorism unlike domestic

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