Democracy In Latin America

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Imagine going months without seeing another face, another tree or anything at all. Imagine a place in which you can’t see but all you can hear are rude and nasty orders. Can you visualize a place that the government pays to torture you? Well, some Latin Americans can because they have experienced it. The very government they were dependent on for protection and stability sponsored their demise.
The government enabled the military regime to act violently against civilians of Latin America. Centrist officers were supporting the miltary coup. “Despite variations in structure and personnel, all were coalitions of military officers, technocratic administration, and old-line politicians” (Skidmore 337). Besides the military, the other administrators and
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They were objects in the sight of the military. They were treated as objects that were to be destroyed. The military regime figured that if they could destroy the people that dabbled in communism, maybe they could eradicate it. The reason for the military coup was to prevent communism from spreading in Latin America. When one country decides to become communist, the trend spreads like wildfire. Then all the neighboring countries suddenly have the idea to become communist. In communist countries, the state controls everything which threatens a democracy which has more freedom. But the former democratic governments could not fix the economy or control other parties that would want to overthrow the reforms. Hence, the reason for the authoritarian regime. The long lasting effects for Latin American countries were various. I think there was some bitterness and resentment towards the United States. This is due to the United States involvement in such inhumane violent acts against the people of Latin America. I think there were many people confused about where they should live. After a military coup and supporters, it’s hard to pick a place to reside and be

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