God the Father in Western art

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  • Persuasive Essay About God

    You said that if God is as big as you believed He is, then you can search for truth without leaving Him. You are absolutely right. Any belief you hold should be because you believe it is true. God does not want you to falsely worship Him, second-guessing all the way if any of it is true. I challenge that God is so much bigger than you ever imagined. If He could send the Holy Spirit to show me my error, save me, and transform my heart with desires and love which surpasses anything I ever imagined, I guarantee He is bigger than the God you believe is holding a rule book and destroying His creation. I know this has been an extremely lengthly email, but I feel I must meet one more objection you raised. God 's will is destructive. You may recall how I argued in college that the Christian God could not exist because if He was…

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  • Harrison Holy Trinity Analysis

    This doesn’t just include the common people, but the least of these too. After all in the Bible says in Matthew 25:40, “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’” ("Bible Gateway passage: Matthew 25:40 - New International Version"). This doesn’t just include sick people, but also those who are discriminated against such as women slaves and other minorities. Leading and seeing oneself an equal to the…

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  • A Test Of Time

    After church one day the Holy Spirit descended on the prayer room, the air itself seemed to become heavy. Amazing is the only way to describe the events which followed. The room contained about twenty people of all ages including two in their eighties. He touched our hearts with joy, JOY! A joy so wondrous we began whirling around, dancing and shouting at the top of our voices in praise of the Lord. Like whirling dervishes we spun around and around cheering and praising God as we went. It…

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  • Reflection On Seamands

    Ministry/Counseling Development Group III at The Pentecostal Theological Seminary, I was required to read the book “Ministry in the Image of God: The Trinitarian Shape of Christian Service” by Stephen Seamands. I was also required to reflect on how this book has helped shape my ministry focus. Please accept the following reflection as a fulfillment of that requirement. The Trinity is one of the many mysteries of God. “Ministry in the Image of God: The Trinitarian Shape of Christian Service”…

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  • Greek Concept Of Creativity

    origin since only God and the poet truly created something ‘new’. Techne was used, then, to describe all other forms of art. Painters, sculptors, and artists of the like could only imitate Gods creation, and thus were subject to the rules of nature.…

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  • Advantages Of Nobility/Aristocracy

    The combining of these elements forms a new custom. Syncretism can occur in many practices such as art and literature, as well as politics. This concept has formed or taken a big part of the formation of many beliefs and religions today, such as Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism. Christianity is said to be the most syncretistic out of all religions because it has features of many other religions. Social Stratification- Social stratification is a system where people in a society…

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  • Similarities Between The Iliad And The Aeneid

    to be a standard for being a great Roman hero in respect to Achilles and Aeneas through respect to Gods, duty to their country and loyalty to family. Although these characters were similar in their own respect, Virgil made a clear distention in the two using their personalities and different motivations. In comparing these characters, you will first find that both were demigods were one parent is a God and the other parent is a mortal. Achilles mother was the immortal Thetis and his father was…

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  • Myths Culture And Dissonance Analysis

    In addition, Ares is the brother and/or lover of Enyo, the goddess of war and discord, and the father of two children: Phobos, the god of fear, and Deimos, the god of terror. However, despite all the negativity surrounding Ares, he personifies the bravery and courage necessary for military success; and, being one of the Twelve Olympians, he was still more or less a respected god. Either way, the character of Ares, the mythos surrounding him, and the role he plays says something about Ancient…

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  • Greek Impact On Mycenaean Society

    techniques for making metal tools and weapons, and the invention of writing”(“The Western Heritage”, xxxvii). Their influence spread to the Grecian island of Crete, where the Minoan civilization was created. The Minoans had a significant impact on the Mycenaeans, who populated the mainland of Greece. The collapse of the Mycenaean…

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  • Michelangelo Buonarroti Influence

    Michelangelo Buonarroti, also known as "Father and Master of All the Arts", often comes to mind when the Renaissance is the topic of discussion. Michelangelo became wealthy and famous during his lifetime, from growing up with a family in the banking business, to becoming a famous figure in the Renaissance. He was a sculptor, architect, poet, and painter who always strived for perfection in all of his works. Michelangelo contributed to society by supporting the humanist movement during the…

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