God in Christianity

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  • Sin And Salvation In Douglas John Cobb's Why Christian?

    The Boff Brothers say that whenever a person’s life is threatened, they count on the power of God to lend his aid (Boffs 61). People can rely on God because he is passionate about his worship. He finds his worship pleasing as a search for justice and a turning to the needy and oppressed. An excerpt from the bible verse states that “Exod. I have seen the miserable state…

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  • Paul F. Knitter's Introducing Theologies Of Religion

    analysis of religious fundamentals however should not be a process where one overthinks; rather it should be a process where just a few different aspects are compared to see basic similarity. The aspects being compared should be if there is a belief of a god, if there is belief that a religious figure lived on earth, and if there is a belief in written evidence. Noting similarities in all three of these categories will allow us to fully comprehend underlying similarities, and may shed some light…

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  • Christian Worldview Research Paper

    different to other worldviews. This paper will describe what some of the beliefs in Christian worldview are when it comes to God, humanity, Jesus, and restoration and learning how these topics make the Christian worldview different than other worldviews. God God has many characteristics, some of these are well described in the textbook, “The Beginning of Wisdom” chapter 3. “God has many attributes. An attribute is a characteristic; it is something that makes someone who they…

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  • An Indian's Looking-Glass For The White Man Analysis

    skin color is disgraceful to God” (p. 501) then God has put down himself because according to the bible; mankind was made in the images of God. Throughout the essay, he questions the white man doctrine of Christianity base life. He uses Christianity as his tool to dispel racism. He says that people cannot call themselves Christians and persecute others, based on their skin tone, all in the name of Jesus Christ. He goes on to say that those who profess their love for God and…

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  • Analysis Of Nikki Giovanni's Poem 'Ego-Tripping'

    self-transformation. Jesus is seen as the son of God in the Christian religion. A martyr that died for "God's People  so they can be saved. He is more like the symbol for the Christian religion. Often Jesus and God were seen as the same person. Nikki Giovanni stated "I turned myself into myself and was Jesus . With this statement Nikki Giovanni is implying that she went deep inside of her soul and sort of transformed…

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  • Christian Worldview Benefits

    keeps growing to this day. Not just in the United States do we have the Christian Worldview, all around Europe there are many Christians evolving. This will keep the Christian worldview growing stronger and lets more people explore the benefits to Christianity. One benefit that has been noticed by Scottish research, Alan MacWilliam is “Church is a good thing for a community, because it strengthens and cares for those within it, and acts as a positive influence for young people” (Braiden). Alan…

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  • St. Constantine's Religion

    prayed for victory to the Christian god, who he knew, because of his Christian mother. When he went on to win an against-all-odds victory and found himself ruler of the Roman Empire, he did what any superstitious Roman soldier would have done - he kept his end of the bargain. He converted to the Christian faith and honored the god that he considered the source of his victory and his power. In other words, the purpose for St. Constantine approval of Christianity as his religion was that he had…

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  • Hegel And Kierkegaard Analysis

    philosophies of Hegel and Kierkegaard differed in many ways, as Kierkegaard's is often seen as largely a response to or critique of Hegel's. They disagreed on the role of the individual vs. that of society, what comprises truth, and the place of Christianity in history. However, they also complemented each other in subtle ways, as well. Perhaps their single greatest disagreement lay in the debate of the importance of the individual and society. Hegel zoomed out as much as possible, trying to…

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  • Brian Contradictions In Genesis 1-22

    Genesis 1:26 about how man and woman were created at the same time, while Genesis 2:7, 21-22 states that man was created first, and woman was created later. It’s minor inconsistencies such as these that made Brian question his faith. He stated, “if God is the only perfect thing that exists, then how could their be inconsistencies in His word since the Bible is inspired by the Holy Spirit.” Brian does not know that for certain however. He says, “How do I know if it was inspired by the Holy…

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  • Deism In The 17th Century

    the 17th and 18th centuries. As Puritanism began to fade away in the 17th century Deism started to gain traction. Deism, like Puritanism, revolved around the belief in God as the Creator, but Deists believed in free will, whereas the Puritans believed in predestination. Deists rejected all the supernatural elements of Christianity, such as, miracles, prophecies, and divine portents and believed in natural religion. The origins of English deism show up in the first half of the 17th century.…

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