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  • Women In Islam

    Women in Islam are often thought to be oppressed and downgraded, or at least that is what is shown by the media. What to consider is, are these portrayals of women in Islam accurate? Does Islam truly hold men above women, condemning the rights women have? Are women in Islam truly helpless or is that what is being shown to believe? By looking at the holy Quran, scholarly articles, and books, women do have equal rights in Islam. The role of women in a household will aid in determining a woman’s…

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  • Importance Of Knowledge In Islam

    wrong; it lights the way to heaven. It is our friend in the desert, our company in solitude and companion when friendless. It guides us to happiness, it sustains us in misery, it is an ornament amongst friends and an armour against enemies.” Several Hadith reiterated the obligation of Muslims to acquire knowledge. This was especially impressed upon rulers, who were seen as the vanguard of Islam. The Prophet himself had warned: “Verily god doth not taketh away knowledge from the hands of His…

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  • Islamic Hagar And Her Family Analysis

    prominent appearance of females in the Islamic faith come from Hadith, which are taken as a primary text as well. These stories are often orally recited, and speak more intimately with the observer. From these pieces, one can…

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  • Religion And Law In Islam

    In today’s contemporary society religion and law are viewed as two distinct categories, which seem to never interconnect or even cross lines with one another. Religion is often regarded as a personal entity that has no effect on the community as a whole. This westernized view of religion is true to a certain extent— religion is a personal choice, but it is also a method of control. Religion, in this case, Islam, is crafted in such a way that satisfies the wellbeing of the individual, and along…

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  • Radio Mullah Research Paper

    school dropout whose real name isn’t even Fazullah.” (Yousafzai and Lamb 114) However, even though Fazullah had taken a few steps to understand the Quran, few people understood the original Arabic, including Mullahs, so misinterpreted the Quran and Hadith. This would be later used to the advantage of Fazullah. Since Fazullah had married Sufi Mohammad’s daughter, he took over after the man was arrested in 2002. Many people in Swat had no televisions and were illiterate, so they were dependent…

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  • Umayyad Great Mosque

    Moreover, in his attempt to establish the validity of his claims, Grube focuses attention on the Umayyad Great Mosque of Damascus as a typical example of hidden architecture, in contrast to the Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem as an exception to the hiddenness of the Islamic mosque. But is the Great Umayyad Mosque a typical Islamic mosque while the Aqsa Mosque is an exception? Again, is it the case that the Islamic people borrowed their architectural structures from non-Islamic and pre-Islamic cultures?…

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  • Women At Point Zero Analysis

    Women at Point Zero is a novel written by Nawal El Saadawi, which was published in 1975 in Arabic then translated in 1983. This novel accounts the first person view of Firdaus’s, who is locked up in a Cairo prison cell, where she reveals how the beginning of her life and how she ended up on death row. Women at Point Zero is a narrative on issues such as rape, women’s rights and violence. The purpose of the author’s work is to engage the audience into Firdaus’s life and relationships she makes…

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  • Summary Of Infidel: My Life By Ayaan Hirsi Ali

    Infidel: My Life by Ayaan Hirsi Ali and how it changed my view on the treatment and freedoms of women in other countries, specifically those living under the laws of the Qur’an. The Qur’an is an Islamic sacred book, which is believed, by followers, to be the word of God. Muhammad is said to be the prophet to which the archangel Gabriel recited the word of God, which became the Qur’an. It dictates all aspects of their life from daily activities, to politics and religion. Under the Qur’an women…

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  • Syariah Comtible Hotel Case Study

    compliant, a strong emphasis is placed on the cleanliness for both spiritually and the context of food and beverage. For the food and beverage product to be approved for consumption it must comply to the Islamic laws as specified in the Quran, the Hadith (sayings) of the Prophet Muhammad, his Sunnah (tradition) and in the Fiqh (understanding) of the Islamic Jurists such as Hanafi, Shafie, Maliki and Hambali. The Quran has many an order directing Muslims to choose and consume good wholesome…

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  • What Is The Rivalry Between Sarah And Hagar's Story Summary

    The Qur’an engages the Islamic people into the development of cultural beliefs and laws. In the article Shared Stories, Rival Telling’s, Gregg develops the comparison of Sarah and Hagar’s story throughout a variety of religions. Also, Gregg calls into question the Qur’an legality in the story of Sarah and Hagar. Sarah and Hagar’s story represents the Muslim woman in a manner legally correct according to the Qur’an where both woman were wives of Abram, neither were left without any inheritance…

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