Syariah Comtible Hotel Case Study

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Concept of Syariah Compliant Hotel

Syariah is an Arabic word which means the path that should be followed by Muslims. Besides that, Syariah is also means the overall of Allah commands which are regulate of life for every Muslim in all aspect. The hospitality sector consists of all the hotels business that provides the accommodation of service to the guest. In a hotel sector, it is defined as the establishments which provide sleeping rooms or other several service and facilities to the guest. Meanwhile, Syariah compliant hotel can be defined as the hotel which are provides the services according to the Syariah principles. Syariah compliant hotel is not only has to serve halal food and drink but the overall operation throughout the hotel would
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This is because in Islam alcoholic beverages and other item which regarding from the alcoholic are prohibited. While adopt the quality of physical facilities provided by the hotel, and the quality of the services to customers, it also must take consideration about how the hotel will conformed to the Islamic principles such as alcoholic beverage is not available or served in the hotel premises. All foods are cooked and served Halal according to the basic requirements under Islamic principles are the required for a hotel to be considered under IQS. Moreover, the food must be processed, made, produce, manufactured, stored using utensils, equipment or machinery that has been cleansed according to the Islamic law. Within the syariah compliant, a strong emphasis is placed on the cleanliness for both spiritually and the context of food and beverage. For the food and beverage product to be approved for consumption it must comply to the Islamic laws as specified in the Quran, the Hadith (sayings) of the Prophet Muhammad, his Sunnah (tradition) and in the Fiqh (understanding) of the Islamic Jurists such as Hanafi, Shafie, Maliki and Hambali. The Quran has many an order directing Muslims to choose and consume good wholesome foodstuffs. The other factors such as separate summing pools, spa and other facilities in the hotel for male and female, Muslims prayer facilities such as prayer rooms, and mosque …show more content…
This hotel has also developed and enhanced their hotel as a syariah compliant hotel by providing Muslim-friendly services. The characteristics of this hotel are the Islamic floor at level 6 is mainly dedicated to Muslim guests include prayer room, direction of qiblat in each room, prayer veils, Quran, Yassin and hand bidet in the toilet for ablution. The Azan will also be heard in every prayer time. This hotel has a large prayer room with a full time Imam to lead daily prayers and Friday prayers. This is the only hotel which is allowed and permitted to conduct Friday prayers where its prayer room could accommodate a congregation of 1200 - 2000 people including staff and by public. In addition to that, there are compulsory for female staff to wear Muslim dress code as well as a male employee which proper covering the area. As a Muslim-friendly service hotel, De Palma hotel also provides halal food in their hotel restaurants and this restaurant had received certification of halal by the Selangor Islamic Religious Department. Moreover, the hotel is also conducts special religious classes on al-Quran recital, Qiamullail and Tazkirah programs for hotel guest and staff in order to improve their religious knowledge. Based on the picture 1 are the example of the interior and exterior of De Palma

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