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  • The Ideal Prophet Analysis

    This book name is Muhammad: The Ideal Prophet A Historical, Practical, Perfect Model for Humanity from a work by a scholar of Maulana Sayyid Sulaiman Nadwi. This volume is a compilation of lectures given by the author in 1925 at Madras, India. In these lectures the author vividly presents the life of the Prophet as an abiding historical model - not a utopian ideal - for all humanity. This book is a must for every student of religion. And English translation by Mohiuddin Ahmad from Malaysia.…

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  • Importance Of Honesty In Islam

    Honesty derives from the Old French (h)oneste, which is derived from the Latin honestas. The Latin noun was formed from the adjective honestus from honos, meaning “honor,” .In todays world honesty is interpreted as fairness and straightforwardness of conduct or in more general terms the adherence to facts. HONESTY AND ISLAM: Islam has greatly emphasized the importance of honesty in all walks of life for a Muslim. It has recurrently commanded the believers to be honest to themselves and to…

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  • Symbolism Of Helen In The Road To Mecca

    The symbolism of Mecca for Helen In the play (The road to Mecca by Athol Furgard faber and faber edition) In the play “The road to Mecca” by Athol Furgard is a character named Helen, also known as Miss Helen. In the play she creates her own Mecca in her yard. Mecca is a city in Saudi Arabia and it is a holy city to followers of Islam. People take this religious journey to deepen their experience with God. In this case Helen takes a spiritual journey and she does not physically go to Saudi…

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  • Hadith Vs Islam Research Paper

    Muhammad was set to be the last prophet that came from God, he created the religion Islam. However, the Hadith did not come until many years later after his death. The Hadith were messages that Muhammad had supposedly said and were used as rules to help shape the way that his followers were supposed to live. Not as powerful as the Koran the Hadith still is important to those practicing Islam. The Hadith is stricter about the way followers are supposed to live when compared to the Bhagavad Gita.…

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  • Maliki Madhhab Analysis

    The originator of The Maliki Madhhab,Malik ibn Anas ibn Amir, was conceived in Madeenah in the year 717 CE. His grandfather,Amir, was among the major Sahabah of Madeenah. Malik concentrated on hadith under az-Zuhri who was the best hadith scholor of his time,as well as under the considerable hadith narrator,Naffi, the liberated slave of the Sahabi Abdullah ibn 'Umar.Malik's just voyages outside of Madeenah were for Hajj, and along these lines he to a great extent restricted himself to the…

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  • Homosexuality In Islam Summary

    Scott Kugle took on the amazing challenge of writing a book about a topic that is usually kept silent in the Muslim community: homosexuality. In the past, it has always been easy to ignore the fact that homosexuals are an important group of people in religion and society. Historically, the LGBTQ community has been repressed and oppressed throughout society, and Kugle took up the mantle of finally bringing this group representation in the Islamic religion. Kugle structures his book, Homosexuality…

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  • Summary Of Islam

    Summary of Islam Religion can be looked at differently by everyone but, Islam is a religion that has made headlines in the last few years. The religion is simple just like any other, the idea of worshipping a God. Thus, within Islam there are many different categories that can be discussed, the Muslim religion has origins, symbols, rituals, festivals and sacred writings that are dear to many. There are many different perspectives on the great religion of Islam as it is the revelation of the…

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  • Confucian Ethics In Islam

    Ethics are particularly important in both Islam and Confucianism. Hadith, the Islam classic about words and actions of Muhammad, elaborates various ethical rules and teachings. In Confucianism, Analects also feature discussions about ethics as a major subject. The central value of Confucianism is Ren, a concept of benevolence and altruism. Ren is the basic virtue, and is also the goal of being righteous. The idea can be elaborated into filial piety, royalty, reciprocity, respect, forgiveness,…

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  • Primary Sources Of Islam Essay

    for the best, and women were honored and equal to men. The second primary sources is 'The Hadiths, 8th and 9th C.E. ', are various collections of traditions and actions that Prophet Muhammad supposedly practice and did while he was alive according to multiple witnesses. The Hadiths came in second of importance 's after the Quran and served as a guide and inspiration to the Muslim community. The Hadiths are a selection of a variety of stories of Muhammad social life, in which a Persian…

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  • Reflective Essay About Islam Experience

    reverts. The book answers my questions, argues my existing principals and promotes me into thinking deeper about experience of being a Muslim and how non Muslims perceive Islam. Thus, this reflection will talk about experience with the Holy Quran and Hadith, interaction with non Muslims, concept of ummah and Palestine. These points will be related to author’s explanations, descriptions, experiences and also my own opinion. Firstly, the unhappy, truth seeking and curious Jeffrey Lang was given a…

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