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  • Sharia Reasoning In Islam Essay

    In the past decade, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant grew to become an incredible threat. This threat found its very basis of reasoning through unfortunate misinterpretations of the Quran. In response, a number of Islamic scholars publically signed the “Open Letter to ISIS” that was directed at the members of ISIS and the leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi. Through this roughly twenty-three page letter, the publically known beliefs of the Islamic State are refuted. The actions and words of the…

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  • Analysis Of Al-Ghazali's The Deliverance From Error

    In his autobiographical writing, The Deliverance From Error, Al-Ghazali tells his audience about the reason for his leaving his prestigious teaching position in Baghdad while also addressing numerous theological, philosophical, and practical problems facing Islam in the eleventh and twelfth centuries. A sizeable chunk of Al-Ghazali’s writing is aimed at tackling the topic of prophethood as a possibility, an actuality, and its specific realization by the prophet Muhammad. Within his discussion…

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  • Tawhid Paradigm Analysis

    1- what does Wadud mean by “Tawhid Paradigm”? How does this contribute to a gender-inclusive interpretation of the Quran? The “Tawhid Paradigm,” as Wadud describes is the model of which God (Allah) is above the “I” and “Thou,” that there is no God but God, and that all subjects are equal and on one line. Also, Wadud explains that men are equal to women and no one should be above the other. Everybody is equally anonymous to take action. Since both men and women are in equal distance to God,…

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  • The Importance Of Marriage In Islam

    The institution of Marriage in Islam is governed by very precise and sophisticated rules in order to protect the rights of both men and women and uphold morality. One of the crucial areas where these rules are manifested is in the meeting between the prospective bride and groom before marriage in order to allow them to know each other to the point where they can decide whether they want to proceed ahead with this commitment or not. Part of this acquaintance between the prospective spouses would…

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  • Research Paper On Jihad

    Most literally, jihad means a struggle for one’s own faith. This definition has been applied to many aspects of Islamic life including faith itself, the Qur’an, the hadith, and the Sharia. Initially, these applications of jihad were intended not as a justification for the vicious spread and protection of Islam. Jihad is shown here to be a means through which the Muslim community defends itself as a whole. Individuals…

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  • Islamic Anthropology Essay

    face directed toward the qibla, the body laying east–west turned on the right side, with the knees slightly bent in a manner similar to being asleep. The hands were often arranged to cover the genitals, especially in burials of adult females. The Hadith stipulates burial custom in detail, and therefore Sunni Muslim law places great emphasis on speed and simplicity in the treatment of the dead. The body should be placed in the ground before sundown, on the day of death or early on the following…

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  • Analysis Of Kant's Categorical Imperative

    submissive to the former. All decisions regarding family matter would be taken by the men, as the Hadith clarifies: “Every one of you is a guardian and every one of you is responsible (for his wards). A ruler is a guardian is responsible (for his subjects); a man is a guardian of his family and is responsible (for them); a wife is a guardian of her husband’s house and is responsible (for it) [The Hadith: 4]. It seems Islam does in fact support a hierarchy where men hold the superior position and…

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  • Islam Assignment

    Mecca. This is why it is important to research and understand the basic principles and ideals behind this faith. I have pulled different aspects of the Islamic culture such as from the scripture of the Quran, the words of the prophet Muhammad in the Hadith, the Five Pillars of Islam, and the Islamic law to form a more…

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  • The Importance Of Imam Muhammad

    narrate a hadith while walking. Instead, when asked about a hadith, he would stop, sit down, and give the hadith the attention it deserved, out of respect for Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. This type of extra respect and meticulousness out of respect for Prophet Muhammad ﷺcertainly is not mandatory according to Islamic law, but simply a sign of the emphasis Imam Malik placed on the importance of Muhammad ﷺ. Among Imam Malik’s sayings are: 1. “The Sunnah is the ark of Nuh. Whoever boards it is saved, and…

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  • Islamic Feminism In Islam

    feminism can be gathered through understanding the decree from Qur’an and hadith which defines the rights and justice for women and men. Islamic feminism is highly criticised and it is also acknowledged by a lot of people. Due to misinterpretation there is a lot of misunderstanding about what Islam says about women. Islam does show disrespect to women, but they are rather given a higher praise. For one instance according to a hadith “paradise lies at the mother’s feet” (SUNNAH.COM, n.d.). That…

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