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  • Amina Wadud: Analysis Of The Qur An And Woman

    B. Grammatical structure or syntax of the text: This requires the analysis of each verse, within its contextual constraints, in light of similar language, syntactical and grammatical structures used elsewhere in the Qur'an. Amina Wadud, in her book Qur’an and Woman, writes: Systematic attention to the relationship between universals and particulars would also bear on our understanding the Qur'an's usage of particular terms, since it establishes its own paradigmatic field of meaning for key…

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  • Formalization Case Study

    Maurice Bloch’s definition of formalization is demonstrated in Heiko Henkel’s case study “Between Belief and Unbelief Lies the Performance of Salāt: Meaning and Efficacy of a Muslim Ritual”. In this essay I will first venture through Bloch’s definition of formalization with specific reference to rituals, language, and dance. Secondly, I will apply that definition to Henkel’s essay on Muslim salāt to demonstrate how salāt maintains traditional authority with formalization using specific…

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  • Sharia In Islam

    Sharia is the law of Islam and it is Islam’s legal system which is derived from both the Holy Quran which is the Islam’s central text, the Sunnah (the practice and teachings of the prophet Muhammad) and also from the fatwas which are the rulings of the Islamic scholars. Sharia is an Arabic word which means: “The clear, well-trodden path to water.” Sharia law acts as a code for living that all Muslims should adhere to, including prayers, fasting and donation to poor. It aims to help Muslims…

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  • Dome Of The Rock Research Paper

    The architects of the Dome of the Rock deliberately designed the space with the intention of portraying a message both to the followers of the Islamic faith and to the other prominent religions in the area. The Dome of the Rock is one of the earliest and elaborate major construction projects of the Islamic rulers. The reason for the Dome of the Rock’s creation can be seen through the thoughtful choices made for its location, the structural design, and the inscriptions and mosaics within the…

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  • Fatima Mernissi

    The Book by Fatima Mernissi “The Veil and the Male Elite” has challenged the misogynists regarding the rights and role of women. The title of the book itself “The Veil and the Male elite” implies the word “veil”, in other words hijab, as a symbol of oppression. The arguments of Mernissi focus mainly on the hijab and the role of women as Muslims. She uses both the Islamic reference and her ideas on the interpretations on the hadit given by the scholars. Islam does provide equality regarding the…

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  • Respect Of Islam

    Do you know what Islam teach Muslims? Islam is a religion and legislation regulates people life from all sides of life. Also Islam is a religion of peace love and equality. Islam teaches people how to deal with every thing in there life. Two of the important things that Islam teaches people are respect and spread peace. The state of being honored regarded or all around respected. This is the most normally comprehended meaning of respect. Truth be told, the thesaurus goes on the depict regard as…

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  • Summary Of The Rhetorics Of Sulh By Rasha Diab

    Rasha Diab, author of Shades of Sulh: The Rhetorics of Arab-Islamic Reconciliation, states that the literal definition of the word sulh means “reconciliation”, and that it “captures the practices, rituals, processes, and goals of sulh, a very old sociopolitical traditional reconciliation practice in the Arab world that relies heavily on mediation” and attempts to realize the people’s rights in any act of aggression (Diab 42). Diab asserts that not only does sulh discourse merge both judicial and…

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  • The Importance Of Liberalism In Islam

    Islamic law has several sources, which are the primary sources Al-Quran and Sunnah, as well as the secondary sources such as the interpretation by the scholars. In recent years, there is a tendency towards fundamentalism. Modern scholars believe the Islamic Jurisprudence should be renewed, and the classic jurist should lose their special status. This require formulating a new fiqh suitable for current society. It aims is not to challenge the fundamental of Islam, but to clear away the…

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  • Halal Supply Chain Case Study

    1. Introduction Halal is a Quranic term which means allowed, permitted, lawful or legal. The contrary of this explanation is Haram (forbidden, unlawful or illegal). According to Sharia (Islamic Law), all issues concerning Halal or Haram and even all disputes should be in line with Quran and Sunnah. The halal concept has obtained increasing attention recently. This is due to the fact that the demand for halal food consumption is increasing continuously as a result of the rising number of Muslim…

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  • Free Will In Islam Essay

    Belief in Qadar is essential for Muslims. They must believe that everything that happens to us in this dunya is because Allah because he is in control and knows about the future. Therefore both good and bad things. Muslims have a believe that everything that happens to them in their lives and in this world is under Allah’s control since Allah is all powerful and he can do whatever he needs. Similarly Allah has given all mankind a free will, which means that mankind have free to choose whether…

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