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  • Emotional Distress Case Study

    I. Introduction Our client, Shawn Kemp (“Kemp”) has filed suit against Janice Matier (“Janice”) alleging Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress (“IIED”). The suit is based on Janice’s unauthorized posting of our client’s personal information through the use of social media with a caption that posted GPS coordinates of Kemps house. Kemp alleges Janice’s Twitter post has caused him IIED. Janice’s conduct was not extreme and outrageous when she posted the picture, because her conduct was not atrocious and utterly intolerable in a civilized community. Janice’s post did have a causal connection because Kemp’s distress is directly attributable to Janice’s conduct. Therefore, the court will likely hold that Janice’s conduct was not extreme and…

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  • Subgenre Of Farce Analysis

    Osgood’s material possessions to woo Sugar. Coincidentally, Spats, the leader of the mafia in the St. Valentine’s Massacre arrive at the Miami hotel. Fearing an encounter, Joe and Jerry decide to flee, leaving behind Osgood and Sugar. Breaking her heart, Joe informs Sugar that he, Shell Oil Jr, must go to Venezuela due to an arranged business marriage. As they attempt to flee, Joe and Jerry are seen by Spats and his gang; thus, Joe and Jerry hide under the table of a banquet hall, where they…

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  • Martha Graham's Influence On Modern Dance

    specifically for entertainment; this was predominately seen throughout the ballet genre. The rebelling was first seen through Isadora Duncan who similarly rejected ballet and the structure, conventions and restrictions within this era. Founded by Ruth St Denis and Ted Shawn, their company ‘Denishawn’ likewise rebelled against ballet and further rejected the ideas that Duncan offered. Graham focused on creating a technique, which includes structure while also including purpose; this is still…

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  • Differences Between Michael Jordan And Lebron

    Michael Jordan poops on Lebron The ole debate. The debate that’ll ruin friendships, break hearts, and change your whole view on a person. Michael Jordan Vs. Lebron James. Michael would dominate Lebron if they played each other. Michael’s speed and mentality would leave Lebron in the dust. Lebron’s game is soft and he looks to flop. Today’s league is soft. Lebron constantly flops and cries if a call doesn’t go his way. There’s no way Lebron could play in Michael’s era. Michael had to play…

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  • 12th Man Argumentative Essay

    through 2021. $18,000 of the $28,000 goes to royalty fees and the remaining $10,000 goes to helping the university protect the trademark. The Seahawks built a foundation on the idea of the ‘12th Man’. As mentioned above the foundation started with the number 12 jersey retirement on December 15, 1984 for the fans. In doing so the fans felt more involved and more loved by organization, which in the end brings more recognitions to ‘12th Man’. The next step the Seahawks took was in 2003 with the…

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