Rabbit-Proof Fence

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  • Rabbit Proof Fence Analysis

    What sort of impact did the film have? Political: The former national Liberal leader John Hewson stated: ‘John Howard and his ministry should, as a matter of compulsion, take the first opportunity to see and discuss the movie Rabbit Proof Fence. And, not just because of this move, they should immediately say "Sorry!" along with, and on behalf of, the rest of us.' Did the film have an affect on you personally? Ie.) Did it change your way of thinking at all about Australia and/or being an Australian? References: Articles: Attwood, Bain, "Learning about the truth": The Stolen Generations Narrative" in Attwood and MacGowan, eds., Telling Stories: Indigenous History and Memory in Australia and New Zealand (2001) Tony Hughes-d Aeth, "Which Rabbit Proof Fence? Empathy, Assimilation, Hollywood" Australian Humanities Review, September – November 2002 Monique Rooney, "Echoes Across the Flats': Storytelling and Phillip Noyce's Rabbit Proof Fence," Southerly 62/3 (2002),…

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  • The Rabbit Proof Fence

    figuratively and literally, all traces of non-British influence. From colonial invasion to the White Australia policy to the Stolen Generation, the culture that has been oppressed, harassed and victimized more than any other is the one that boasts the most ancient and legitimate ties to our great land: the Aboriginal people. The disempowerment has been perpetuated and depicted in many important texts. The Rabbits, Australian National Anthem, and The Rabbit Proof Fence are three such texts that…

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  • Rabbit Proof Fence Analysis

    In the movie, on the train ride to the camp, the girls are kept in cages like animals. I believe this excerpt from the Australian Psychological Society describes accurately how humans react to their environment. The physical landscape, or natural environment, plays a key role in the suffering of the young girls as they traveled miles striving for life. It is ironic that their lives are put to the test in their journey while their only objective was a chance at life. Figure 5: This picture…

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  • Rabbit Proof Fence Belonging Analysis

    Extended Response Question. “An individual’s identity is shaped by the way they perceive their connections with others and the world around them.” How is this view represented in the film Rabbit-proof Fence directed by Phil Noyce and the novel The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas written by John Boyne? Identity, the fact of being whom or what a person or thing is. We as humans in this growing society are influenced from others and the world around us, furthermore benefiting the identity of an…

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  • Rabbit Proof Fence Thornhill Analysis

    Despite being set during different historical periods both 'The Secret River' and 'Rabbit Proof Fence' present values pertaining to what it means to be Australian. Both Greenville and Noyce represent characters who have the relationship with the land that is uniquely Australian. In 'Secret River', Thornhill felt threatened by the Aboriginal people as he's seen them dancing every night, which it made he thought the Aboriginal people were planning to attack the white settlers, "For every night of…

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  • The Rabbit Proof Fence Identity Analysis

    If a child is neglected and does not have a connection with the parent, then this will most likely shape the child to be quite self sufficient but not feel as though they have a supportive family. This being said everyone should be able to find themselves. This is shown in the film “the rabbit proof fence” when at the beginning of the film Molly is being taught how to hunt and is becoming a woman in her tribe. This is an excellent example of parental guidance as when Molly was being taught these…

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  • Film Analysis: Rabbit-Proof Fence

    To either Australians or a public less familiar with Australia’s history and culture or, Rabbit-Proof Fence by Philip Noyce (2002) is considered an excellent source to know about the ‘Stolen Generations’, an important chapter in Australian contemporary history. Premiering in a context in which there were increasing voices calling for the reconciliation with the Aboriginal community, the movie was a key landmark in this movement (Martin, 2002). Contrasting to frequent stereotypes in the artistic…

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  • Analysis Of The Film Rabbit-Proof Fence

    Rabbit-Proof Fence presented a realistic representation of the removal of Aboriginal children from their families. This film displayed numerous factors that led to child removals including eugenics, paternalism, and Christianizing mission. Half-caste children like Molly, Gracie, and Daisy were relocated to the Moore River Settlement School which trained girls to be domestic workers or farm laborers and eventually these half-caste children were able to be assimilated into the white society. While…

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  • Film Analysis: Rabbit Proof Fence

    A time of imbalance of authority and power reflects the dark period of time Australian History suffered at its greatest. The Stolen Generation was a traumatising event that victimised 50,000 of indigenous children and families, and who still suffer to this day. Phillip Noyce captures this dramatic feeling of trauma and immense control by the European Settlers in his 2002 film, Rabbit Proof Fence. Filmed in Western Australia, it follows the true lives of 3 half caste girls who have been stolen…

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  • Rabbit Proof Fence Documentary Analysis

    One of the things that caught my attention during this week was a type of documentary about The Stolen Generation, where many indigenous children were forcibly removed from their families as a result of various government policies in Australia. Thus, in this documentary or kind of film called Rabbit Proof Fence is possible to come up with the concept of Transculturation. I didn't know nothing about Australian's history so this is very interesting for me; when I watched Rabbit proof fence, I…

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