Rabbit Proof Fence Cultural Analysis

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1) Introduction
2) Indigenous culture.
3) Characters
4) White figures
5) Conclusion

Between 1869 and 1970 approximately fifty thousand Indigenous children were removed from their homelands and sent to The Moore River Native Settlement and various other facilities to try and breed the “Indigenous” out of them. Many of these children never had the opportunity to meet their mothers or fathers. The film Rabbit Proof Fence is a depiction of the story written by Doris Pilkington. The director of the film, Phillip Noyce represents The Stolen Generation in a sympathetic way. On the 13th of February 2008, then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd gave a formal apology to all the aboriginal people and the stolen generations.
The opening scene portrays the
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Neville is portrayed as a well-dressed Englishman who is persistent with his goals of ‘breeding the colour out of them’. When Molly is called up for inspection at Moore River, the shot type changes to show us a Point of View angle from molly’s perspective as she slowly walks up the rows of other Indigenous children. When she reaches Mr Neville the shot type and angle changes again into a Worm’s eye view, this really incites fear and emotions with viewers because the girls are legitimately treated as objects. Constable Riggs is the Police officer who we see early in the film on horseback looking for ‘half caste’ children. We then see him again when he comes to take the girls away. The Rabbit Proof Fence is one of the most notorious fences in the world, fence one stretches from the north coast of Australia to the south coast. It has major significance in the film for it is how the girls navigate their way home. Miss Jessop and Miss Thormas are the two nuns working at Moore River both wear prim white uniforms and have serious faces, they truly treat the girls like inanimate objects ‘cleaning’ them with a harsh looking brush. They refer to the girls native language as ‘Jabba’ really giving the viewers an idea of how insensitive the workers

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