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  • Che's Leadership Qualities

    The most memorable act of humility Che displayed during the revolution came in the middle of the process and at the end of the process. During the revolution, Fidel Castro assigned Che to step down from leading his column and to educate and train new recruits as Fidel felt this would be more effective. Che although disappointed at this decision accepted his demotion and took advantage of his new assigned task. He took a group of peasants and transformed them into educated, passionate and trained guerrilla fighters. Knowing when to step back and do the less “glorious” is an essential key trait of a great leader. This moment showed Che’s purpose was truly for the people and not individual recognition and glory meaning he was motivated intrinsically rather than extrinsically. Upon the collapse of Batista’s ruling, a man approached Che thanking him for all he had done for the Cuban people. As Che turned around…

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  • Emotion And Reason

    However in bias you are able to understand the opinions that writer may have on the subject, which, within itself, is knowledge. To solve the issue of selective evidence, however, a reader must look over multiple sources from both sides of an argue or subject. In the case of the Cuban Revolution we must find sources from Cubans and Americans to give the reader the information that one source may lack. While most americans in the 1960’s saw Cuba as a threat and Castro and his revolution as a…

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  • How To Write A Narrative Essay About My Family

    in the beach since she lived in Varadero. Her big sister, Caridad taught her and twin Helda how to sew. Sewing was one of Hilda favorite hobbies, she made dresses and skirts for her sisters. While her dad was working in a bakery with her two big brothers José and Eladio, Hilda helped her mom in the kitchen. When Hilda was in high school she gave tutoring to kids, is when she realized that she wanted to be a teacher. At the age of 19, Hilda went to the University of the Havana to become a…

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  • Che Guevara Symbolism

    made Cuba a largely isolated state that has not been able to trade goods inhibiting all potential to increase international trade. Che Guevara’s economic reforms resulted in what was considered to be one of the greatest failures in the entire history of the economic world. In previous years, Fidel Castro apologized for the treatment of minority groups, admitting that the atrocities committed during the Cuban revolution were horrible and misguided. Fidel also willingly admitted the obvious:…

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  • Fidel Castro Regime Analysis

    two regimes that best exemplify this are the Fidel Castro regime in Cuba, which lasted from 1961 until 2011, and Mao Zedong regime in China, which lasted from 1949 until 1976 . The regimes of both Castro and Zedong have similar governmental compositions, legitimacy abiet different stories , but the means by which they maintain control varies. The regimes of Fidel Castro…

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  • Rebellions: The Cuban Revolution

    Going back to 1952 the people of a small island 90 miles off the coast of the US became disgruntled, when the leader of this country seized power so he could always be in charge. This country is Cuba. The people of Cuba felt as if this was the first step to them becoming a dictatorship, and preferred their current democracy. This led to a newly elected high-ranking official to take matters into his own hands. This person was Fidel Castro. He decided to lead an uprising against Fulgencio…

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  • Cuba After Fidel Castro Death Analysis

    Cuba: Communism After Fidel Castro’s Death? Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz is better known to the world as Fidel Castro. Cuba’s dictator died on November 25, 2016 at the age of 90. With his passing, begins the issue about the path Cuba will take regarding the country’s future political stance. Does it set aside the decades of dictatorship ruling and transform into a democratic state or, will it continue in its’ current status as a one party communist government? The United States long tourism ban…

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  • Cuban Foreign Policy Essay

    The evening of July 20, 2015 was an historic moment to put in the books. Citizens of the U.S. and Cuba watched as Cuba’s blue, red and white-starred flag was raised Monday at the country’s embassy in Washington. Bruno Rodriguez who is the Cuban Foreign Minister was in charge of the flag-raising ceremony that was taking place because full diplomatic relations with Cuba and the United States were restored thanks to the agreement of U.S. President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro. There…

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  • Finals Week Reflection

    oppressed and impoverished as past news articles have reported. While abroad, she learned that the number of people living and sleeping on the streets has gone down dramatically. She also made note that most everyone in Cuba has a home and at least a little food to keep themselves and their family healthy. I was also surprised to hear that the Cuban people have access to health care when they need it. They can go to the local clinics without many problems at all. When asked about how the…

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  • Cuban Revolution Research Paper

    Project Description: What role did the United States foreign policy play before, during, and after the Cuban Revolution, 1952-1963? Why did the United States government feel it necessary to intervene in the Cuban Revolution, which changed power from Fulgencio Batista to Fidel Castro? The island country of Cuba has always drawn attention from its neighbor to the north, the United States. The United States played a role when the country first formed to break away from its Spanish colonial…

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