Islam Theological Analysis

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Islam, is a religion of a group of people referred to as the Muslims the religion is regarded as being revealed through Muhammad as the prophet of Allah. When it comes to theological analysis of Islam, the most important profession of faith to any Muslim is. There are various references in the Islam religion the most important is the Qur’an that means to read. This is a book that is considered as the holy book and as the overall word of God showing Gods revelation to man as reveled to the prophet of humanity called Muhammad over a period of 23 years through Jibril, a prophet of God (Veninga, 2014). The Hadith are the second after the Qur’an. They put down the actions, teachings and rulings of Mohammed as conveyed by his early partners. They …show more content…
This are: the confession of faith with sincerity of heart and mind. Moreover, there is the pillar of prayer where they are expected to pray at least five times a day while facing Mecca. Another pillar is fasting during the period of Ramadan, the forth practice or pillar is almsgiving where they are supposed to give 2.5% of their income to the poor. The last pillar is the pilgrimage; this is where one is required to offer to Mecca at least once in their lifetime. A six pillar is Jihad, the battle against sin and all those who oppose Islam. Muslims reject any claims of new revelations or prophets therefore critical on people branching off from being Islam (Qubādzādah, 2015).
In a critical analysis of the Islam religion, we would like to determine whether the religion really is from Allah or is it a human religion. There needs to be an agreement on whether the Qur’an is from Allah and whether it should be followed or not. Many of the Muslims are very committed to the faith and always strive to follow the will of Allah and this is very admirable and so is it for other belief systems. However, not all systems and religions are correct therefore worth of some critical
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Jewish religion is believed to have been corrupted and since Islam main ideas are from it then it can be said that it may not be as perfect because its main ideas are from the same religion that was seen as corrupted. There are possibilities of imperfect texts in the holy book Qur’an; this is because many of the texts cannot be rationally proven as one depends on the authority of the author and also a lot of editing may tamper therefore hard to theologically defend the fact that the Qur’an is perfect (Hitchens,

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