Difference Between Positive And Negative Person

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A Positive Vs Negative Person
Mahatma Gandhi famously proclaimed that “A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes”. How a person perceives themselves signifies their character, behavior and attitude towards others and perceptions about life. In this paper, the differences between positive and negative people is looked at according to their approach to failure, their perception of task or job assigned to them, perceptions about success, how they conduct themselves and how they treat other people.
One of the key differences between positive and negative people is their thoughts and approach to failure. Positive people regard failure as a prospect to improve and learn from it (Sua). They recognize failure as an event
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A negative person deems a task ultimately failing even before attempting it. They may not try hard enough to succeed in the task assigned to them and any results they receive are perceived as not being good enough. Due to their negative perception or attitude, they may also not attract any help from other people. Even when others pitch in to help them, they do not take the advice well.
On the other hand, when a positive person is assigned a task, they associate it with positive outcomes and actions (Sua). They are drawn to the task and focus on its positive aspect that will make it succeed. They have hope for others and themselves, and they work hard to show that their optimism is warranted. They motivate others and are quick to solicit help when needed. They listen to advise offered by others and ensure that constructive outcomes are achieved for the task assigned to them.
Another disparity between negative and positive people is their perceptions of success. Positive people are more often than not motivated by the achievements of others and aim to emulate them and achieve the same (Sua). They welcome room for growth and improvement that will see them to be successful. On the contrary, negative people are mostly jealous and feel threatened by the accomplishments of others. For them, somebody else’s success denotes that they are
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They believe in teamwork and get behind the ideas of others, even though they do not completely agree with them. They are purposeful in their interactions with other people and their gestures exhibit confidence and positivity. They possess bright ideas that they are not afraid to share. On the contrary, negative people deem themselves as being small and, due to this, having poor relationships with others. They constantly hang their heads and make no attempt to create lasting relationships. By simply looking at them, one would comprehend that they are definitely not

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