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  • GSM And Its System Architecture

    Abstract –With the invention of convenient and flexible wireless communication technologies, communicating from one point to another has been much easier. Global system for Mobile communications (GSM) is a second generation wireless communication cellular systems which is widely deployed. In this paper, we will discuss the cellular concept for GSM and its system architecture. Furthermore, KISS 16V2 an ASIC DSP implementation for GSM is being introduced and the test results have been discussed. Index Terms— GSM, ASIC, DSP, KISS 16V2, Frequency re-use, frame structure, I. INTRODUCTION L ong distance communications had always been an issue due to lack of communication standards. Before GSM networks were established, people used to communicate…

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  • Desk Management Case Study

    USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) is becoming widely recognised as the ideal channel for mobile services. Through USSD portable operatives can offer highly cooperating and secure services. USSD is a term oriented service. The profits of USSD done together WAP and SMS are huge direct delivery ease of use works while roaming and inexpensive. USSD is now supported by nearly 90% of all GSM networks and by 100% of all GSM handsets. For this reason the demand for USSD enablers has grown.…

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  • 3g Mobile Case Study

    administration. The contraptions were overpowering forward to an extraordinary degree costly. The first remote correspondence depended straightforward sign. Moreover, it is furthermore known by (AMPS) structure. Next one is a 2G also known is ahead variation of 1G.which was presented in mid 1990, s. , 2G telephones intercession GSM development were exhibited. Overall System for Mobile trades, or GSM uses propelled change to enhance voice quality, on the other hand, the…

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  • Mobile Transmission Essay

    GSM is the oldest method that is still used today, it started back in 1982 in Europe by the conference of postal and telecommunications administrations (CEPT). Just about 80 percent of the world uses GSM to make their phone calls all over the world. The GSM network makes it to where users have more coverage for international roaming and is considered to be a world phone. Also using a GSM net work requires you to use a subscriber identity module (SIM) card in the United States; this card is your…

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  • Ufone Case Study

    1: understanding how the strategic management of HR contributes to the achievement of ufone objectives History of ufone In 1990, Pakistan introduced its first mobile phone service called “Paktel”. After eleven years in January 2001, a new cellular company with GSM technology came into the market and they named it Ufone. Ufone targeted the middle class, by introducing low rates and different packages. Ufone recently started 3g service through which users can connect themselves to the global…

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  • Vertical Handover Case

    Vertical Handover Abstract: In this era of technology, next generation wireless networks are very popular that allow users to connect to different radio access technologies such as UTMS, WiMax, GSM, etc. In such heterogeneous environment Vertical Handover is executed thus a user can switch among different radio access networks that makes whole process so complex. Vertical Handover algorithms require many parameters such as interference power, QoS, network conditions, terminal capabilities,…

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  • Three Basic Modes Of Signal Communication And Mobile Health Applications

    walkie-talkies. The third communication mode that allows for simultaneous bi-directional signal transfer is known as full duplex. Cellular technologies utilize full duplex (Gow & Smith, 2006). The purpose a cellular network is to connect a highly mobile society and provide not only voice connections but also broadband connections (Kumar, Bhola, & Batra, 2014). My current cellular phone is a 4G LTE and until this class I had no idea what that meant other than 4G was better than 3G. LTE stands…

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  • Pin, Gesture And Password Analysis

    Privilege” that recommends store basic and necessary information only, avoiding store sensitive data, and in case of necessity, sensitive data can be encrypted using different software to do it, because Android do not provide encryption by default. (Six. 2012). 4.6 Geodata in Mobile Phones. Geodata, also called Geographical data it is an utility to determine the geographical position in determined moment. (Maus, Höfken, and Schuba. XXX). Regarding to forensic analysis, mobile phones can store…

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  • Nokia Case Analysis

    listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange and New York Stock Exchange. It is the world's 274th-largest company measured by 2013 revenues according to the Fortune Global 500. Today, Nokia have three strong businesses: Nokia Networks, our network infrastructure business; HERE, our location intelligence business; and Nokia Technologies, which is focused on technology development and intellectual property rights activities. Through these businesses, they have a global presence, employing around 57,000…

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  • Nokia Oyj Case Study

    Nokia Oyj is a communications and information technology multinational corporation located in Helsinki, Finland. Nokia provides services such as telecommunications network equipment, Internet services with accessories like apps, games, music, maps and navigation and messaging. Nokia Networks is the subsidiary responsible for its telecommunications division. Fredrik Idestam and Leo Mechelin were the founders of Nokia. Initially Nokia engaged in Rubber and cable industries from 1865 to 1967 and…

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