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  • Financial Analysis: Verizon

    For instance, Verizon needs to retain more dividends in order to acquire newer assets, start a new project, buy back shares, and purchase even more acquisitions. For example, Verizon should purchase T-Mobile, AT&T, or some other communications company in order to own the telecommunications space. In addition, by retaining more dividends, Verizon will get an enormous tax break which can be used to attack more investors and shareholders. Furthermore, Verizon will also gain an increased return on their investments and shareholder 's equity which can be used to increase their overall value thus giving them the ability to repay dividends at a later date. This will also decrease their ability to retain any of the earnings thus reducing their available cash flow in case of…

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  • The Planned Parenthood Case

    scheduling to provide enhanced convenience and reach (Planned Parenthood, 2015a). Per their 2015 Annual Report, the organization is committed to evolving with technology as it advances. Beyond performing medical procedures, the company relies on technology for the education aspect of their services. Delivery quality health education requires access to computers and other technology, namely products that facilitate communication or the delivery of multimedia presentations. More specifically,…

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  • Remote Patient Monitoring Essay

    Monitoring and wireless sensors technology Remote patient monitoring (RPM) is the use of mobile communication and information technologies to connect patients and clinicians in order to maintain continuous surveillance of patients and to improve convenience and efficiency (HIMSS, 2013). RPM is used in the outpatient setting for the management of chronic illness and promotion of aging in place. Events can be monitored in real time and can raise alarms when conditions exist that could lead to…

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  • Banglalink Case Study

    management services, mobile financial services. Promotional offer: Banglalink offer their customer to get a free smartphone and many other things. Bonus talk time offer pre-paid and post-paid unlimited SMS offer. Banglalink arrange concert in Independence Day, Mother Language Day, Valentine’s Day, Pohela Boishak. Banglalink sponsor many local and international sports events for their marketing. Banglalink very careful to their customer satisfaction. Banglalink wants to their customer…

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  • Impact Of Mobile Marketing On Brand Identity

    The adoption of mobile digital technology by consumers has received considerable attention from researchers, owing to its significance in consumers’ everyday life. Moreover, being cost-effective and ubiquitous, mobile marketing provides opportunities to marketers to enhance their direct marketing capabilities and market segmentation. With the fast development of technology and the wireless telecommunication network, mobile services have been spreading out very quickly and have been rising as an…

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  • Verizon Communications Case Study

    KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (INTERNATIONAL) VERIZON Communications,Inc Background of the company Verizon Communications is an American multinational telecommunication provider and the largest wireless communication service provider in the U.S. Verizon was formed on 30th June,2000 as a product from the merging of Bell Atlantic Corp and GTE Group. Although Verizon was formed on the early 21st century, the mergers that formed Verizon already the big name in the telecommunication business and can…

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  • Ivory Coast Research Paper

    Without an in-depth knowledge of AT&T and Cricket Wireless’s finances, it is difficult to know what the exact plan would be, but there would likely be high expenses at the beginning of the new business, with a lot of money devoted to buying property and hiring new employees. I would recommend starting slow with investments until we knew how well the product was being received. In the new market of Africa, a product I think could sell well would be prepaid cell phones. Specifically, I believe…

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  • Meteor Case Study

    establish for various reasons outlined in this essay. The industry was a duopolistic market dominated by Eircell and Esat Digifone. Therefore, the prospect of additional competition seemed pragmatic. During this period market penetration was at 11% leaving many potential customers. In addition “unemployment was reaching new lows in a traditionally poor country, and workers are earning the kind of wages that allowed them the luxury of a mobile phone” (Gohring, 2005). In addition, Gohring states…

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  • Case Study Of Econet Telecom Lesotho (CRM)

    INTRODUCTION Econet Telecom Lesotho is located in Maseru Lesotho, Kingsway Rd (Opposite Main Post Office). Econet Telecom Lesotho (Pty) Ltd. provides telecommunication services. ( offers fixed and mobile solutions, including post paid and pre-paid, as well as business solutions for corporate organizations, enterprises, and private individuals. The company provides data solutions, such as leased lines, Very-Small-Aperture-Terminal (VSAT), Asymmetric Digital…

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  • Cell Phone Advertisement Analysis

    The question is not whether or whether not you will buy a cell phone plan; cell phone companies make a safe assumption most Americans will. In this day in age cell phones are an essential part of our everyday lives. With such a significant importance placed on cell phones, what comes along with this need is to chose a cell phone company. Cell phone companies know a majority of people will inevitability end up buying a cell phone plan to satisfy their need and they want their audience to chose…

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