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  • Ragtime Influence On African American Culture

    injustice they had experienced for the past two centuries as a part of the transatlantic slave trade. Originally being encouraged by their slave traders, the roots of African music trace back to the 1600’s where slaves began singing and dancing to help maintain their physical condition and keep them from despair and suicide (Collier: The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz). These experiences would come to shape customs of resilience, with the African American musical culture affirming this. Beginning with the development of Blues and Ragtime, this paper will discuss the…

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  • Vibrato Case Study

    term among Early Music researchers and additionally choral masters. The expression "vibrato" in an early case, from the Grove Dictionary of 1889, compares to the cutting edge comprehension of a tremolo where a similar pitch is rehashed commonly. The instrument of vocal vibrato was characterized as "an alternate partial extinction and reinforcement of a note, producing almost its apparent re-iteration" (Deacon 1898:260). The more present meaning of vibrato is sketched out in Sadie's The New Grove…

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