Agriculture Pollution Essay

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Agriculture pollution is becoming a problem even though with advanced technology we are able to make safer chemicals to be used on farms. But the use of fertilizers, insecticides, and pesticides is still unsafe to be used on agriculture. As the culprits are becoming more and more resistant to these chemicals, more is required; even with safer chemicals too much of them can cause adverse affect on the person who eats food containing even traces of these chemicals. Agricultural practices seriously affect ground water. Agricultural contaminants can be a result of routine applications spillage or misuse of pesticides and fertilizers during handling and storage, manure storage spreading, improper storage of chemicals and irrigation return drains …show more content…
Eighty percent of sewage in India is untreated and flows directly into the nation 's rivers, polluting the main sources of drinking water. A 2011 survey by the Central Pollution Control Board revealed only 160 out of nearly 8,000 towns had both sewerage systems and a sewage treatment plant (Presse). Due to the fact that there is no treatment of drinking water in India poses a major risk to the population in India. Dead animals float in the rivers of India where there are no such things as garbage disposal. You are free to throw anything almost anywhere. This has led to immense water pollution contamination in India. India is a fast growing industrial country being the second highest populated country next to China. The toxic waste is dumped straight into the rivers without any consequences to the people responsible for such destruction. The ground water is contaminated to the point where it is irreversible. Environmentalists blamed the government for failing to regulate the use of water, with the country 's annual consumption expected almost to double by 2050 (Presse). This poses a threat to the whole planet, Water pollution policies need to implement in every country to insure that our environment stays

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